LyondellBasell and EEW Explore Collaboration for Advanced Waste Sorting

  • 28-Mar-2023
  • Journalist: Jaideep

Germany: LyondellBasell and EEW Energy from Waste have declared their intention to explore the prospect of forming a long-term strategic partnership, with a letter of intent being signed by both parties. The aim of the collaboration is to extract and recycle plastics out of incineration waste streams. Toward this end, EEW may construct pre-sorting facilities near their incineration plants in order to remove plastics from waste streams that would otherwise be sent for incineration.

Investment in advanced sorting facilities could further sort and refine the plastic which were extracted from the waste streams. This proposed collaboration is for LyondellBasell to invest in advanced sorting infrastructure to produce plastic waste-based feedstocks and develop its Circular and Low Carbon Solutions business in order to deliver on its value creation ambitions.

We are firm believers in collaborations across the value chain to free up plastic waste from sources that haven't been recycled yet. Our goal is to achieve circular and low-carbon solutions in order to optimize waste streams and unlock additional value. In order to further this, we are focusing on sorting facilities that would support our mechanical recycling facilities in the Netherlands, as well as a potential upcoming advanced recycling unit in Germany.

This collaboration seeks to bring an end to the cycle of plastics that are incinerated, aiding in sorting them for use as raw material in mechanical and advanced recycling processes. By removing these materials from the waste stream normally intended for burning, the fossil CO2 emissions associated with combusting them can be avoided.

LyondellBasell and EEW have recently announced a strategic partnership to promote the use of recycled plastics in the raw material cycle. With this cooperation, both companies are providing a viable solution for plastic waste that is currently deemed unrecyclable. EEW will be building a sorting facility to identify and extract materials from the waste stream, thus preventing them from ending up in landfills or polluting the environment. Through this collaboration, LyondellBasell and EEW aim to create a sustainable circular economy which turns used plastics into valuable resources for new industrial applications.

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