KBR and Mura Technology Sign Plastic Recycling Technology Contract with Mitsubishi

  • 18-Jun-2021
  • Journalist: Jaideep

KBR, Inc., and Mura Technology Limited are some of the leading technology provider organizations offering innovative solutions to various government and companies globally. The plastic recycling technology named, Hydro-PRT? is being widely offered by KBR in alliance with Mura, has the ability to recycle plastics including rigid plastics as well as other plastic forms viz., plastic based shopping bags, food packaging films etc. These plastics are otherwise difficult to recycle and being disposed into the environment or sent to landfill which could cause severe harm to the population living around as well as environment.  These companies with the help of this new technology are now able to provide sustainable solution to the problems of plastic waste generation globally.

Hydro- PRT? technology which is developed by Mura and licensed by KBR via unique patented process known as hydrothermal upgrading convert these plastics into traditional oil (liquids) and gas which can further be utilized to produce various commercial products such as virgin polymers and various chemicals through refining. This first joint contract of these organizations with Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation in Japan for plastic recycling technology further create opportunities for polymer and plastic producers globally to revamp their operation efficiency and overall production. Mura has worked on developing this technology from over 10 years and has demonstrated its working and overall performance at a large-scale pilot plant in Australia.

This technology will allow the conversion of all types of plastics using patented process using supercritical stream to produce various commercial products to support the idea of sustainable economy.


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