KBR Joins Hands with L&T Hydrocarbon for Expanding Business in Global Petrochemical and Refinery Projects

  • 19-Jun-2020
  • Journalist: Jaideep

KBR, an engineering procurement and construction company in United States has signed a pact with L&T Hydrocarbon with an aim to strengthen its grip over refinery and petrochemical projects across the globe.

The pact contains terms under which the two companies will join forces for enhancing business opportunities where KBR will serve as a licensor for technology and engineering services while LTHE will function as the EPC provider. In addition, LTHE will look for contracts in major economies like Middle East, Africa, India, and Southeast Asia weighing on KBR’s solvent de-asphalting technology (ROSE) , acid alkylation technology (K-SAATTM) and catalytic olefins technology (K-COTTM). KBR’s ROSE technology encompasses more than 90% share among various de-asphalting technologies and its K-SAAT technology provides efficient alkylate yield along with feed flexibility. Furthermore, K-COTM technology of KBR transforms mixed streams, low-value olefins or paraffins to high-value ethylene, propylene, and aromatics.

These technologies have been highly beneficial for various companies in optimizing their production at the back of reduced cost of operations. In support of the contract President of KBR Technology solutions stated that the memorandum collaborates KBR’s century-long advancement experience with LTHE’s strong footprint as a provider of modular solution and a renowned EPC player.

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