Linde Joins Forces with Dow for Cutting-Edge Ethylene and Derivatives Venture in Canada

  • 25-Apr-2023
  • Journalist: Jaideep

Canada: In a major development, Dow has chosen Linde as its industrial gas partner to deliver clean Hydrogen and Nitrogen for its ambitious net-zero Carbon emissions integrated Ethylene cracker and derivatives site to be established at Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, Canada. To materialize this strategic partnership, final decisions by both companies' Board of Directors and regulatory authorities are currently awaited. The go-ahead is anticipated during the fourth quarter of this year, allowing for the possible phase 1 launch by 2027.

Linde has agreed to create a world-scale air separation and autothermal reformer complex, under the parties' framework agreement. This complex will be designed and engineered by Linde itself and will be operated and owned by them. The newly built structure will be integrated with Linde's pre-existing operations located in Fort Saskatchewan.

Dow sees Linde's partnership as key to achieving goal of decarbonizing operations at Fort Saskatchewan facility, all while expanding business. In response to customer demand, committed to reducing the Carbon emissions of products, and this collaboration marks a significant stride in that direction.

Dow Chemical Company has announced its commitment to achieving net-zero Carbon emissions with the implementation of its Ethylene cracker and derivatives complex that would decarbonize around 20% of its global Ethylene capacity. This move is expected to increase the company's global Polyethylene supply by 15% while also generating a growth of approximately $1 billion in EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization) across the value chain by the year 2030.

Fort Saskatchewan's upcoming production process aims to convert cracker off-gas into Hydrogen, a clean fuel that will be utilized in the Ethylene production process. Additionally, the process will involve onsite capturing of Carbon dioxide, which will then be transported and stored by third-party Carbon storage infrastructure partners nearby.

The upcoming Dow net-zero Fort Saskatchewan venture is a significant achievement in the worldwide effort towards industrial decarbonization. Thanks to Linde's vast experience in engineering, project execution and operations, as well as a long-standing partnership, uniquely poised to assist Dow as they reach a crucial milestone in their decarbonization objectives.

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