Exploring Low-Carbon Ammonia Solutions for Singapore: Keppel Joins Hands with ExxonMobil

  • 21-Apr-2023
  • Journalist: Jaideep

Singapore: Keppel Infrastructure and ExxonMobil Asia Pacific have entered a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to collaborate on the development of low-Carbon Hydrogen and Ammonia for commercial and industrial applications in Singapore. This partnership comes after the launch of Singapore's National Hydrogen Strategy, which aims to have Hydrogen meet up to 50% of its power needs by 2050. The Energy Market Authority and the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore have issued a call for proposals to establish eco-friendly power generation and bunkering facilities on Jurong Island, in a bid to promote this environmental strategy. The facilities must be capable of producing low or zero-Carbon energy.

Keppel and ExxonMobil have joined forces to develop sustainable solutions that align with Jurong Island’s sustainability targets and Singapore’s Hydrogen strategy. Keppel has also announced its intention to adopt low-Carbon Hydrogen for Singapore’s inaugural Hydrogen-ready 600 MW advanced combined cycle power plant, the Keppel Sakra Cogen Plant.

The facility, located on Jurong Island, is anticipated to operate using 30% Hydrogen and may eventually run solely on the sustainable fuel. The plant is presently under construction and slated for completion in H1 2026. In parallel, Keppel is evaluating the feasibility of another power plant on Jurong Island that could use Ammonia as a direct fuel.\

Keppel and ExxonMobil have partnered to expedite the development and usage of Ammonia to support sustainable operations and bring countries closer to achieving net-zero emissions. The focus is on utilizing clean Hydrogen as an effective decarbonization strategy for hard-to-abate sectors, such as maritime and petrochemical, and this partnership strives to further this objective. As an energy industry leader, Keppel is proud to play a leading role in this effort to promote sustainable practices and goals.

ExxonMobil and Keppel are working together to assess low-Carbon solutions in line with goal to decrease emissions and help others do the same. This collaboration demonstrates how both organizations can offer crucial, scalable solutions to cut down CO2 emissions in support of ExxonMobil's and Singapore's net-zero aspirations.

In line with this, ExxonMobil is making strides in its world-class low-Carbon Hydrogen facility located in Baytown, Texas. This facility will produce Ammonia and low-Carbon Hydrogen, complete with a Carbon capture unit, expected to generate 1 billion cubic feet of Hydrogen per day. Upon its proposed launch in 2027-2028, it will be the world's largest low-Carbon Hydrogen project.

Around 7 million metric tons per year, which is more than 98% of the CO2 associated with the facility, is anticipated to be captured and stored permanently.

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