Sumitomo Chemical & PILOT Alliance to Develop Advance Horizontal Recycling Technology

  • 13-Apr-2022
  • Journalist: Jaideep

The joint venture between Sumitomo Chemical and PILOT is planning to develop new horizontal plastic recycling technology. The purpose of this association is to recycle plastic waste in such a manner to get it employed again for the same application. The developed technology would be for decolourizing printings on plastic containers and pages. Nowadays, plastics are in almost every industry, from packaging to automotive; hence the proper recycling of plastics is required to meet the circular economy goals. The problem with existing recycling techniques is that the printings on waste plastics sustain them even after recycling; thus, the recycled plastics do not match the quality of original plastic and conclusively could not be used for the same application.

Owing to this collaboration, Sumitomo Chemical would use its utmost calibre to utilize its processing technology and polymer design to develop a melt kneading-based plastic recycling process to decolorize the ink. On the other hand, PILOT, along with its Subsidiary, The Pilot Ink Co., Ltd., would work towards developing an ink appropriate via employing a self-owned ink technology for the recycling process. This acquisition aims to promote the recycling of plastics and enhance the usability of recycled plastics. These firms are also considering developing a special sorting and collecting process for plastic wastes with special ink.

Sumitomo Chemical has already involved reduction in environmental impacts as its management priorities and has collaborated with several other companies to work towards this goal by developing products and processes to recycle materials. In addition, PILOT has been promoting practical resource usage and popularizing the reuse and recycling of several commodities. Besides, PILOT has also been working towards reducing environmental impacts and supporting a circular economy.

Altogether, this merger between Sumitomo Chemicals and PILOT aims to reduce resource wastage, escape plastic waste into the environment, and the emission of greenhouse gases. Furthermore, this coalition also supports sustainability and circular economy objectives. If these firms were successful in their goals, it would revolutionize the recycled plastic world and enhance the usability of recycled plastics.

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