ADNOC Successfully Delivers First Bulk Shipment of Certified Low-Carbon Ammonia to Japan
ADNOC Successfully Delivers First Bulk Shipment of Certified Low-Carbon Ammonia to Japan

ADNOC Successfully Delivers First Bulk Shipment of Certified Low-Carbon Ammonia to Japan

  • 16-May-2024 12:50 PM
  • Journalist: Stella Fernandes

ADNOC has shipped the inaugural certified bulk commercial delivery of low-carbon ammonia, facilitated by carbon capture and storage (CCS), to Mitsui & Co., Ltd. (Mitsui) for utilization in clean-power generation in Japan. The entire low-carbon certification process, spanning production to delivery, was overseen by TÜV SÜD, a globally recognized certification agency.

Fertiglobe's groundbreaking shipment was made possible by ADNOC's significant $23 billion (AED84 billion) investment in decarbonization, low-carbon solutions, and climate technologies. This underscores ADNOC's commitment to assisting its customers in decarbonizing their operations, particularly in challenging sectors. The shipment builds upon ADNOC's earlier demonstration deliveries to customers in Asia and Germany, marking a continuation of the company's efforts to advance global low-carbon hydrogen and ammonia value chains.

The shipment originates from Fertil, Fertiglobe’s wholly-owned facility situated in the Ruwais Industrial City, Abu Dhabi. It involves capturing carbon dioxide (CO2), which will then be permanently stored in the world’s premier fully sequestered CO2 injection well within a carbonate saline aquifer.

Musabbeh Al Kaabi, ADNOC's Executive Director for Low Carbon Solutions and International Growth, emphasized, "The successful delivery of the world’s inaugural certified bulk commercial shipment of CCS-enabled low-carbon ammonia to Mitsui in Japan underscores ADNOC’s dedication to expediting the advancement of lower-carbon fuels in support of a fair, well-organized, and inclusive energy transition. The enduring strategic energy partnership between the UAE and Japan serves as a foundation upon which we are expanding to facilitate a lower-carbon future. Hydrogen and its carrier fuels, such as ammonia, are pivotal in decarbonizing challenging industrial sectors, and we are committed to collaborating with our customers to promote these solutions and aid in emission reduction efforts."

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), hydrogen is projected to contribute approximately 10% of global energy consumption to achieve net zero emissions by 2050. ADNOC is leading the way in hydrogen production and aims to secure 5% of the global low-carbon hydrogen market by 2030, aligning with the UAE’s National Hydrogen Strategy. Low-carbon ammonia stands out as the most promising large-scale hydrogen carrier and potential clean fuel, with applications spanning transportation, power generation, and various industrial sectors such as steel, cement, and fertilizer production.

Mr. Junji Fukuoka, Managing Officer of Mitsui, commented, "Collaborating closely with ADNOC, METI, and stakeholders in Japan, we are proud to have facilitated the inaugural bulk commercial shipment of CCS-based low-carbon ammonia. Mitsui has fostered a longstanding partnership with ADNOC since our initial involvement in ADNOC LNG in 1973, and our recent participation in the TA'ZIZ low-carbon ammonia project further solidifies this collaboration. Energy solutions remain a core focus for Mitsui, and we are enthusiastic about embarking on this extensive clean hydrogen and ammonia value chain with ADNOC, aligning with global efforts toward climate action."

Furthermore, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) highlighted the significance of bilateral cooperation between Japan and the UAE and extended congratulations on the shipment from ADNOC to Mitsui.

This year, ADNOC has initiated the planning of a facility in Abu Dhabi capable of producing up to 360,000 tonnes of low-carbon hydrogen annually, while capturing up to 3 million tonnes of CO2. This amount is equivalent to removing over 650,000 internal combustion vehicles from the road. Additionally, ADNOC, in collaboration with its partners TA’ZIZ, Fertiglobe, G.S. Energy Corporation, and Mitsui, is in the process of developing a low-carbon ammonia facility with an annual capacity of 1 million tonnes at the TA’ZIZ Industrial Chemicals Zone.

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