AFC Energy Soars After Launch of Ammonia Cracker Technology Platform

AFC Energy Soars After Launch of Ammonia Cracker Technology Platform

AFC Energy Soars After Launch of Ammonia Cracker Technology Platform

  • 24-Mar-2023 11:32 AM
  • Journalist: Patricia Jose Perez

Cranleigh [United Kingdom]: AFC Energy PLC announced the launch of their advanced Ammonia cracker technology platform on Thursday. This technology provides a Hydrogen generation solution that will unlock the value of Ammonia as a fuel carrier. Based in Surrey, England, AFC Energy is a provider of Hydrogen power generation technologies and saw its share prices rise by 5.1% to 21.03 pence on Thursday morning in London.

AFC Energy has developed a new modular and scalable Ammonia cracker technology that will revolutionize the process of generating low-cost Hydrogen. This technology has enabled it to use fuel-cell technology in areas that lack Hydrogen storage and transport, opening new commercial opportunities across the global Hydrogen value chain. With this ground-breaking innovation, AFC Energy is positioning itself to become a leader in decentralized Hydrogen generation.

AFC Energy has announced the launch of its Ammonia cracking technology, which follows two years of successful testing and validation at the company's UK test facilities. By the end of next year, larger modular cracker systems are expected to be developed, with initial commercial deployments projected for 2025. The new technology is seen as a complement to their existing fuel-cell platform and as an enabling tool for fuel-cell system sales in markets where it can be difficult to acquire Hydrogen supply.

AFC Energy has seen considerable interest from several major players in the European market, including utilities, green and blue Ammonia producers, ship owners, and heavy plant and equipment manufacturers. The company is actively exploring opportunities for near-term commercial partnerships.

Clean Ammonia is becoming the go-to choose for transporting Hydrogen to end users, particularly in Europe and Asia. Today, AFC Energy has launched a new technology that could speed up and widen the adoption of Hydrogen in areas where storage and transportation issues might be a temporary obstacle. This ground-breaking innovation aims to get clean Hydrogen into more hands faster than ever before.


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