Alanto Sets Sights on Growth with Acquisition of Polyethylene Specialist
Alanto Sets Sights on Growth with Acquisition of Polyethylene Specialist

Alanto Sets Sights on Growth with Acquisition of Polyethylene Specialist

  • 14-Feb-2024 11:33 AM
  • Journalist: Peter Schmidt

In the dynamic landscape of the West Midlands, a forward-thinking foam and rubber manufacturer, Alanto, has seized an exceptional opportunity to venture into new global markets and significantly expand its workforce. By acquiring another prominent manufacturer in the region, Alanto, headquartered in Walsall, has integrated Ramfoam, the UK’s leading polyethylene distributor and fabricator, into its operations. This strategic move catapults the firm's annual turnover from £10 million to £20 million and effectively doubles its workforce within the UK.

The acquisition not only adds three additional local manufacturing facilities to Alanto's portfolio but also enhances its capacity to cater to the evolving demands of its primary customer base in the region. Moreover, it optimizes transportation systems, fosters employment opportunities, and contributes to a reduction in the company's carbon footprint, aligning with its commitment to sustainable practices. Additionally, the deal provides Alanto with a foothold in the Middle East, a pivotal market for its future expansion endeavors.

With a steadfast commitment to prioritizing customer satisfaction, Alanto intends to leverage Ramfoam's advanced manufacturing techniques to produce innovative non-toxic foam products. These products find application in a myriad of sectors, ranging from aeroplane insulation to flotation devices for swimming. Notably, Ramfoam specializes in offering VOC-free materials, mitigating the presence of harmful Volatile Organic Compounds in its products and ensuring safety for end-users.

Facilitating this expansion is a £3.8 million loan extended by Lloyds Bank, underscoring the financial backing essential for realizing strategic growth initiatives. Alanto's diverse product range encompasses foam and rubber solutions utilized across various industries, including marine, construction, automotive, and electrical sectors. Noteworthy applications include body armor and riot gear for law enforcement agencies, as well as scraper blades and window seals for automobiles.

Since 2021, Alanto has been a part of Jacobs & Thompson Inc., a leading global foam supplier headquartered in Canada. The acquisition of Ramfoam serves to bolster the group's presence in the UK, facilitating its ongoing expansion efforts in Europe while targeting successive annual turnover growth of 10%. This acquisition marks a transformative phase for Alanto, fueling the growth of its forward order book, diversifying its product offerings, and enhancing its service capabilities.

Despite the prevailing challenges confronting the UK manufacturing sector, including supply chain disruptions and labor shortages, Alanto remains resolute in its commitment to achieving sustained success. With robust support from Lloyds Bank, the company aims to realize consistent double-digit revenue growth in the years ahead. The West Midlands, renowned for its rich manufacturing heritage, continues to attract investments from global players like Jacobs & Thompson, fortifying its position as a thriving industrial hub and generating positive economic impact for the local community.

Through this strategic acquisition, Alanto is well-positioned to capitalize on burgeoning demand for its products both domestically and in the Middle East. Moreover, it is poised to drive value through operational efficiencies and streamlined transportation logistics. With the unwavering support of its stakeholders, including Lloyds Bank, Alanto embarks on its next phase of growth with confidence, poised to reinforce its position as a leader in the foam and rubber manufacturing sector.

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