Altilium and Enva Forge EV Battery Recycling Partnership with MOU Signing
Altilium and Enva Forge EV Battery Recycling Partnership with MOU Signing

Altilium and Enva Forge EV Battery Recycling Partnership with MOU Signing

  • 10-Jun-2024 6:51 PM
  • Journalist: S. Jayavikraman

Altilium, a UK-based clean technology firm committed to accelerating the shift to net zero, has joined forces with Enva, a prominent recycling and resource recovery expert, to unveil a strategic collaboration aimed at collecting and recycling EV batteries across the UK.

With the rise in electric vehicles and battery-powered devices, this partnership unites Enva's nationwide collection infrastructure and strong relationships with car dealerships with Altilium's expertise in recycling used EV batteries and recovering critical materials like lithium. This collaboration marks a significant step toward establishing a circular economy for battery minerals in the UK.

Under the MOU, Enva and Altilium will collaborate on various key initiatives, including the safe handling and collection of EV batteries across the UK for recycling through Altilium’s EcoCathode™ process. Utilizing advanced hydrometallurgical recycling techniques, Altilium can recover over 95% of the battery metals in a form that can be directly reused for manufacturing new batteries.

The partnership with Enva will offer substantial commercial advantages to Altilium by removing the necessity of developing its own collection infrastructure and establishing direct relationships with numerous waste producers and automotive OEMs.

The partnership will also supply Altilium’s Teesside refinery (ACT 4), the only planned facility in the UK dedicated to refining lithium-ion waste into battery-ready Cathode Active Materials (CAM) for direct reuse in new battery production. The facility will have the capacity to recycle batteries from 150,000 EVs each year, resulting in the production of 30,000 metric tons of CAM. This output will satisfy 20% of the projected UK demand by 2030.

Michael Sneath, Managing Director of Enva’s Lubricants and Batteries Division, commented: “We are thrilled to collaborate with Altilium in creating a comprehensive and sustainable supply chain for EV battery recycling in the UK. Proper handling and storage of this potentially hazardous material is essential. This partnership will address an emerging issue for our customers, improve the UK’s recycling capabilities, and support the circular economy by converting used batteries into valuable raw materials for new ones.”

Rod Savage, Altilium’s Program Director for End-of-Life Batteries, added: “By combining Enva’s collection network with our processing expertise, we aim to establish a new benchmark in battery recycling, ensuring optimal material recovery and supporting the expansion of the EV market in an environmentally responsible manner.”

In the coming decade, it is projected that over 100 million EV batteries worldwide will reach the end of their life cycle. By establishing a domestic ecosystem for recycling these batteries, Altilium and Enva are constructing a sustainable solution for battery disposal, ensuring that valuable resources remain within the UK supply chain and contributing to broader efforts to reduce carbon emissions.

Altilium stands out as the sole company in the UK specializing in the recycling and upcycling of old EV batteries to create high-nickel CAM for direct reuse in new EV batteries. Utilizing its proprietary EcoCathode™ process, the company achieves a 60% reduction in carbon emissions and 20% lower costs compared to using virgin materials, thus facilitating the production of more affordable and environmentally-friendly EVs.

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