AmeriTex Pipe & Products Announces Entry into Corrugated Plastic Pipe Market
AmeriTex Pipe & Products Announces Entry into Corrugated Plastic Pipe Market

AmeriTex Pipe & Products Announces Entry into Corrugated Plastic Pipe Market

  • 11-Apr-2024 12:50 PM
  • Journalist: Timothy Greene

AmeriTex Pipe & Products announced on April 9, 2024, the initiation of construction on a new facility specializing in High-Density Polyethylene and Polypropylene (HDPE/PP) corrugated pipe at its Conroe, Texas campus, with the goal of improving its service to Texas customers. 

Kevin Thompson, CEO of AmeriTex, remarked, "Through close collaboration with our civil contractor clientele, we contribute to the advancement of Texas' infrastructure. Responding to our customers' demand for increased concrete box culverts and pipes, AmeriTex has expanded its capabilities to fulfill their requirements. As a result, we have emerged as the foremost supplier of concrete box and pipe in the state of Texas, with our leadership position continuously expanding."

Rocky Lorenz, President of AmeriTex, elaborated, "In response to the escalating demand for both precast and high-performance HDPE/PP pipe from our customers, we are embarking on the construction of what we anticipate will become one of the largest and most efficient HDPE/PP pipe facilities in North America. This initiative aligns with our commitment to maintaining world-class precast concrete facilities. Additionally, we plan to collaborate with other reputable suppliers of HDPE/PP corrugated pipe to supplement our production capacity, ensuring comprehensive coverage of our customers' pipe requirements, whether concrete or plastic. This strategic move aims to support the sustainable growth of Texas' infrastructure, where 'sustainable' denotes construction built to the highest quality standards, thus minimizing construction defects and adverse environmental and economic impacts that necessitate premature reconstruction."

Mr. Thompson further commented, "The market for concrete box and pipe storm drains in Texas exceeds $1 billion and is on an upward trajectory. Concrete remains the sole sustainable material for facilitating the movement of substantial volumes of stormwater and for establishing enduring infrastructure beneath concrete roads in Texas. Plastic, while having its merits, often proves impractical as a substitute for concrete in the majority of projects. Nevertheless, plastic does possess certain favorable applications that are poised for growth within Texas. With the recent passage of $17 billion in Texas school bonds, we anticipate that the corrugated pipe market in Texas will surpass $200 million."

During the selection process for its HDPE pipe equipment, AmeriTex acknowledged variations in the behavior of recycled input material within the extruders and corrugators. Mr. Thompson remarked, "Currently, we remain unconvinced that there are no discrepancies in the long-term performance of corrugated pipe manufactured with virgin resin versus the diverse range of recycled materials utilized by some manufacturers. While we will continue to assess this matter, our priority is to ensure the sustainability of the projects we support our customers with. At AmeriTex, product quality remains our utmost priority, and we exclusively utilize resins sourced directly from chemical companies renowned for their expertise in producing consistent materials."

Mr. Thompson concluded, stating, "At our Customer Appreciation Party last Saturday, we introduced some of our latest HDPE products, including AmeriTex's patent-pending couplings and Perfect Bases, to our valued customers. We are committed to attentive listening to our customers, as it allows us to collaborate in devising optimal solutions for enhancing Texas' infrastructure."

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