Amogy and Green Ships Forge 'Innovative' Agreement for Ammonia-Powered Solution
Amogy and Green Ships Forge 'Innovative' Agreement for Ammonia-Powered Solution

Amogy and Green Ships Forge 'Innovative' Agreement for Ammonia-Powered Solution

  • 21-Mar-2024 2:27 PM
  • Journalist: Stella Fernandes

Amogy, a U.S.-based company specializing in ammonia-to-power solutions, and Green Ships Invest, a Norwegian firm renowned for designing environmentally friendly vessels, have solidified their collaboration through the signing of a commercial contract aimed at implementing Amogy's technology on carbon-free electrical platform supply vessels (ePSVs). Regarded as groundbreaking, this contract signifies a significant progression from the memorandum of understanding (MoU) initially inked by Amogy and Green Ships Invest in October 2023. Under the terms of the contract, Green Ships Invest will tailor their ePSV designs to accommodate 2 MW of clean energy capacity by incorporating ten of Amogy's 200 kW ammonia-to-electrical power systems. In the project's subsequent phase, Green Ships Invest plans to extend the application of Amogy's systems to two additional vessels.

These vessels, operated by Bourbon Horizon, an international offshore shipping company, will play a pivotal role in advancing the maritime industry's transition towards a more sustainable future. The 82m ePSV design by Green Ships Invest incorporates Amogy's ammonia-to-electrical power system as its principal propulsion method, in accordance with DNV regulations.

Additionally, the vessels will feature conventional diesel generators to ensure operational reliability, thereby allowing for 100% marine gasoil operation if necessary. Green Ships explained that the incorporation of diesel technology serves as a fail-safe measure, safeguarding the vessels' performance and safety while upholding their commitment to sustainability.

Christian Berg, as Managing Director of Amogy, emphasized the importance of this partnership, highlighting, "Our alliance with Green Ships Invest and the operational proficiency of Bourbon Horizon signifies a crucial advancement in Amogy's endeavor to reduce carbon emissions in the maritime industry." This contract symbolizes confidence in our ammonia-to-power technology as a viable solution for the industry's pressing decarbonization imperatives."

Per Kavli, CEO of Green Ships Invest, echoed Berg's sentiments, emphasizing the transformative potential of this partnership. Kavli remarked, "Securing this contract with Amogy represents a defining moment in our journey towards sustainable maritime innovation. It underscores our commitment to spearheading the design and deployment of vessels that not only meet but surpass global emission reduction targets."

Green Ships Invest operates as a consulting firm specializing in the design and construction of vessels tailored for enhanced environmental sustainability, focusing on reducing fuel consumption and emissions of CO2, NOx, SOx, Methane, and PM. The company's portfolio encompasses a diverse range of vessels, including offshore vessels of various types, fast ferries, Ropax/cruise ships, and specialized vessels like drill ships. In addition to its consultancy role, Green Ships Invest has overseen the management and ownership of smaller fast ferries and has held minority ownership positions in several ship-owning entities.

Amogy specializes in offering carbon-free energy solutions aimed at reducing emissions in challenging sectors like maritime, power generation, and heavy industry. With demonstrated success in practical settings, its patented technology for ammonia cracking is well-established, scalable, and remarkably efficient. This innovative method involves splitting liquid ammonia to produce electrical power, often in conjunction with hydrogen fuel cells. Notably, this process yields five times the energy density of lithium batteries, making it a highly effective and efficient solution.

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