Anson Resources' First Lithium Carbonate Output at Green River Demo Plant
Anson Resources' First Lithium Carbonate Output at Green River Demo Plant

Anson Resources' First Lithium Carbonate Output at Green River Demo Plant

  • 15-Apr-2024 4:02 PM
  • Journalist: Francis Stokes

Anson Resources Limited (ASX: ASN) is delighted to report the successful production of the inaugural lithium carbonate (Li2CO3) product from its Sample Demonstration Plant (SDP) situated on the company’s acquired property in Green River, southeastern Utah, USA. The lithium carbonate was synthesized using raw brine sourced from the adjacent Paradox Lithium Project, employing the current flowsheet. This test operation aimed to ready the plant for receiving raw brine from the Boysdaba #1 well, facilitating suitability testing of the existing flow sheet.

The Boysdaba #1 well, situated just 200 meters from the SDP, is approaching the completion of its drilling program, which will involve extracting samples from the Clastic 31 and Mississippian Units. This proximity to the well offers Anson the chance to assess the flow sheet design using brine that aligns with anticipated future production conditions.

The SDP is scheduled for continuous operation over a span of six months, aiming to produce battery-grade lithium carbonate (Li2CO3). Similar to a pilot plant, continuous enhancements to the process will be implemented based on feedback from the Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) unit installed at the Green River Lithium site. This capability allows for real-time adjustments to the process, expediting the testing phase. Samples of lithium carbonate will be supplied to potential off-take partners, including Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in the electric vehicle and lithium-ion battery sectors.

The initial phase of lithium carbonate production involves Direct Lithium Extraction (DLE), a process previously validated by Anson at its Innovation Centre in Florida. The testing, conducted with a small-scale DLE pilot plant, encompassed both adsorption and desorption processes, employing Anson's proprietary procedures intended for use in the production facility. The resulting lithium eluate undergoes purification and processing to yield lithium carbonate.

Throughout this operation, data will be systematically gathered at every stage of the lithium extraction and purification processes, extending to the final product. This data will be leveraged to enhance the efficiency of the lithium carbonate production process.

The data obtained from the ongoing operation of the Sample Demonstration Plant at Green River will also contribute to advancements in lithium processing at its Innovation Centre. These advancements aim to propel the battery materials industry forward in the USA, aligning with the national security objectives of the Federal Government. The additional production line will operate concurrently with the original DLE production process developed for the Definitive Feasibility Study (DFS). It will encompass additional test work focused on:

              Recovery of fresh water

              Recovery and potential reuse or disposal of wastewater

              Analysis of reject brine composition

              Product purification

              Specification of products for future end-users

Bruce Richardson, Executive Chairman and CEO, stated, "The successful commissioning of the Sample Demonstration plant on our own property at Green River will enable us to enhance the Direct Lithium Extraction flow sheet developed during the DFS by using brine samples closely resembling those in full-scale production. This involves parameters such as temperature, pressure, and mineral grades, including lithium. The data collected will refine the flow sheet, improving accuracy in recovery and rejection rates, thereby instilling further confidence in investors, off-takers, and end-users. This marks another significant advancement in the development of the Green River Lithium Project. Anson is fully cognizant of the national security imperative to establish a lithium supply chain in the USA and is swiftly progressing in Green River to contribute to meeting this Federal Government objective."

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