Approval Granted for SAF Refinery in the UK
Approval Granted for SAF Refinery in the UK

Approval Granted for SAF Refinery in the UK

  • 07-Mar-2024 12:14 PM
  • Journalist: Patricia Jose Perez

Willis Sustainable Fuels (UK) Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Willis Lease Finance Corp. (WLFC), a prominent lessor of commercial aircraft engines and a global provider of aviation services, has recently announced a significant milestone: the approval of its Carbonshift PtL sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) refinery project by the Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council. This approval signifies a critical advancement in the development of the refinery project, which is poised to play a pivotal role in the sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) sector. Located at Teesworks in Tees Valley, UK, the refinery is anticipated to have an annual production capacity of 14,000 metric tons, equivalent to approximately five million gallons, of power-to-liquid (PtL) sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) upon commencement of operations.

Notably, the project recently garnered a substantial boost with a £4.721 million grant from the UK DfT Advanced Fuels Fund competition. This grant underscores the government's recognition of the project's significance in meeting the escalating demand for sustainable aviation solutions and contributing to the collective effort towards a more environmentally sustainable future for global aviation.

WLFC expresses its enthusiasm at the approval of the Reserved Matters Planning Application, recognizing it as a pivotal milestone in the project's progression and its commitment to mitigating greenhouse gas emissions within the UK and the global aviation sector. With this approval in hand, WLFC is primed to spring into action, collaborating closely with its partners at Teesworks to bolster the UK's SAF infrastructure. The company expresses gratitude to its partners at Teesworks and the Department for Transport (DfT) for their unwavering support of the advanced fuels sector.

The Carbonshift PtL process developed by Willis Sustainable Fuels (UK) Ltd is engineered to produce a SAF that seamlessly integrates with conventional jet fuel, enabling its immediate use with existing commercial aircraft engines. This innovative approach aligns with the UK government's vision, aiming to actualize the country's target of having at least five commercial-scale sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) plants under construction by 2025. Moreover, it directly contributes to the international aviation community's ambitious pursuit of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050.

The approval of the Carbonshift PtL SAF refinery project represents a significant step forward in advancing sustainable aviation solutions, not only within the UK but also on a global scale. As WLFC and its partners forge ahead with this groundbreaking initiative, they are poised to make meaningful contributions towards a more environmentally responsible future for the aviation industry.

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