Asahi Kasei, Mitsui Chemicals, Mitsubishi Chemical Join Ethylene Decarbonization Feasibility Study
Asahi Kasei, Mitsui Chemicals, Mitsubishi Chemical Join Ethylene Decarbonization Feasibility Study

Asahi Kasei, Mitsui Chemicals, Mitsubishi Chemical Join Ethylene Decarbonization Feasibility Study

  • 10-May-2024 3:11 PM
  • Journalist: Stella Fernandes

Asahi Kasei, Mitsui Chemicals, and Mitsubishi Chemical have jointly agreed to conduct a feasibility study on feedstock and fuel conversion at their ethylene production facilities in western Japan. The aim is to accelerate carbon neutrality efforts and spearhead society's decarbonization initiatives.

Ethylene production serves as the foundational stage in the petrochemical industry, providing basic chemicals that are utilized in the manufacturing of diverse products, including daily essentials, automobiles, and semiconductors. Consequently, ethylene production plays a vital role in sustaining people's livelihoods. However, the production process consumes a significant volume of petroleum-derived feedstock and fuel, posing a considerable challenge in reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from ethylene production.

To align with the carbon neutrality target set by the Japanese government for 2050, Asahi Kasei, Mitsui Chemicals, and Mitsubishi Chemical have individually implemented strategies to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. These strategies involve setting ambitious targets to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to virtually zero and undertaking initiatives to decrease energy consumption. Furthermore, each company is actively pursuing technological advancements to incorporate low-carbon feedstock and fuel into their operations.

However, when pursued individually by each company, initiatives may encounter limitations in terms of implementation speed and greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction efficiency. Consequently, there is a growing necessity for nearby petrochemical manufacturers to collaborate by sharing technology and jointly implementing measures aimed at achieving carbon neutrality.

By fostering coordination among the three companies with facilities in western Japan across various districts, the joint feasibility study is anticipated to accelerate the transition to carbon neutrality for their ethylene production facilities and respective petrochemical products, enhancing both speed and efficiency.

In the future, the three companies will explore specific actions aimed at advancing the shift towards carbon neutrality. These actions may include initiatives such as substituting petroleum-derived resources with biomass feedstock, adopting low-carbon fuel, and investigating optimal production arrangements for the future.

Toshiyasu Horie, Representative Director, Primary Executive Officer, Asahi Kasei Corp said: The Asahi Kasei Group is addressing climate change through a dual strategy focused on reducing our own greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and providing products and technologies that contribute to GHG emissions reduction across society. Rooted in our Group Mission of fostering "Care for Earth" and enhancing life and living for individuals worldwide, we aspire to create a carbon-neutral sustainable world. This involves implementing diverse initiatives spanning from upstream to downstream in the value chain, including raw materials, production processes, energy usage, product utilization, and product recovery.

Tadashi Yoshino, Representative Director, Member of the Board, Senior Managing Executive Officer, CTO of Mitsui Chemicals, Inc., stated: In November 2020, Mitsui Chemicals made a commitment to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. Our efforts towards carbon neutrality and a circular economy revolve around two key pillars: reducing our own greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (Scopes 1 and 2) and maximizing the avoided GHG emissions throughout the entire life cycle of our products. To realize this vision, we will collaborate with our business partners, customers, and consumers to transform the world, beginning with the materials themselves.

Yasuo Shimodaira, Representative Corporate Executive Officer, Executive Vice President of Mitsubishi Chemical Group, stated: Sustainability forms a cornerstone of our corporate pursuits, in line with our commitment to spearhead innovative solutions in achieving KAITEKI, the welfare of both people and the planet. Through this collaboration, we aim to significantly contribute to the carbon neutrality and circular economy within the Japanese chemical industry.

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