BASF India Launches Sovermol® Production in Mangalore

BASF India Launches Sovermol® Production in Mangalore

BASF India Launches Sovermol® Production in Mangalore

  • 09-Mar-2023 2:34 PM
  • Journalist: S. Jayavikraman

Mumbai [India]: BASF has started production of the world's first bio-based Polyol, SovermolĀ®, at its facility in Mangalore, India. The product is intended to meet the rapidly growing demand for eco-friendly products across Asia Pacific and can be used in applications such as New Energy Vehicles (NEV), wind turbines, flooring and protective industrial coatings.

The Sovermol production facility at BASF's Mangalore site is now operational after comprehensive planning and construction, taking advantage of existing facilities in the region.

"At BASF, we leverage our global know-how and competence to serve our markets most effectively. Asia Pacific is the world's fastest growing market for NEV and coatings. The Sovermol production facility is strategically located in Mangalore, close to raw materials supply. This will significantly reduce transportation time and contributes to our ambition to bring "best-in-class" products and services efficiently to our customers in Asia Pacific," stated Dr. Claus Dallner, Senior Vice President, Global Business Unit Resins and Additives, BASF.

"We continuously strive to improve our technology and operations to achieve business success. The project demonstrates our capability to make continuous improvements, by remodelling our operations at the Mangalore site," stated Dr. Alba Mena Subiranas, Vice President of Operations, Global Business Unit Resins and Additives, BASF.

Sovermol has sourced their materials from renewable sources, eliminating the need for any volatile organic compounds (VOC) in their products. Through these sustainable coatings and adhesives, customers can reduce their environmental impact while saving resources. Sovermol is providing a unique solution to an ever-growing global problem - how to be more environmentally conscious while supporting industry advancement.

BASF's Mangalore site has been a powerhouse for the region for nearly 25 years. Located over 200 hectares, it is the largest production facility of BASF in South Asia and offers many products such as polymer dispersions, catalysts and coatings for paper, agriculture and automotive industries.


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