BPCL Develops Game Changing Advancement to Test Crude Oil

BPCL Develops Game Changing Advancement to Test Crude Oil

  • 06-Apr-2020 2:00 PM
  • Journalist: Timothy Greene

Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL), a major company in petrochemical sector of India has announced the development of a salient and user-friendly technology to analyse the quality of crude oil. The technology is said to be a ‘crude horoscope predictor tool’ and is called BPMarrk, it is advanced enough to test diverse properties of crude oil by examining four parameters and generates the result within an hour. BPMarrk is an all in one technology that can brace the oil and gas sector in advanced planning, crude selections and critical unit operations in refineries. It is anticipated as a game changing advancement in the petrochemical sector as it will help save a good amount of time from the traditional methods that took about 30-45 days for completion. BPCL undertook this project in FY 16 and announced the completion of it two years later. The current cost of operations is not decided yet, but the authorities stated that it could be nearly a fraction of the present cost of testing that is around INR 2.5 Million. The director of BPCL, R Ramachandran stated that the company is planning to utilize the technology for product optimisation and issue patents for the same. Moreover, the company is presently reaching out to crude assaying MNC’s like Honeywell and Aspen to establish commercial ties.


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