BPCL Poised Towards Meeting Desired Ethanol Blending Target by 2022

  • 18-Nov-2020 4:00 PM
  • Journalist: Francis Stokes

State run oil refiners have been subjected to a target of achieving 10 per cent Ethanol blending by 2022 as stressed by the National Policy of Biofuels. So far, the initiative has not delivered many gains since feedstock sugarcane was not readily available as most it was being channelized for manufacturing of hygiene products amidst Coronavirus uncertainties.

On latest addition of maize under the list of green feedstocks, Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) has stepped forward to assure that it will be achieving the desired target of 10 per cent Ethanol blending by 2022With the introduction of rice and maize in 2020, the count for the total number of raw materials being utilized for Ethanol production has reached to 6. Supporting the move, BPCL’s refineries and marketing director stated that addition of a greater number of feedstocks will provide ease in the procurementresulting in increased percentage of Ethanol blending.

At present, majority of OMCs have manged to blend only 5 per cent of Ethanol on the backdrop of its low availability due to subdued monsoon. However, as the monsoon this year has been quite appreciable, an altogether 7.5-8 per cent Ethanol is perceived to be achieved by 2021. ChemAnalyst anticipates that if the desired target is achieved within the deadline, it will considerably contribute to save efficient oil import cost and will provide an ease to the pollution index of India.

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