Cepsa Chooses thyssenkrupp Nucera for 300-MW Electrolyzer in Spanish Green Hydrogen Plant
Cepsa Chooses thyssenkrupp Nucera for 300-MW Electrolyzer in Spanish Green Hydrogen Plant

Cepsa Chooses thyssenkrupp Nucera for 300-MW Electrolyzer in Spanish Green Hydrogen Plant

  • 15-May-2024 4:56 PM
  • Journalist: Jai Sen

At the World Hydrogen Summit in Rotterdam, Cepsa, a Spanish energy company, announced thyssenkrupp nucera as the chosen supplier for a 300-megawatt (MW) electrolyzer in their green hydrogen plant in Spain. The agreement involves thyssenkrupp nucera providing a basic engineering design package for the project. As a leading provider of high-efficiency alkaline water electrolysis technology, thyssenkrupp nucera will contribute to the facility's design and engineering until the Final Investment Decision (FID). The project will integrate 15 standardized scalum® electrolyzer units from thyssenkrupp nucera, each with a capacity of 20 MW.

As part of their collaboration with Fertiberia, Cepsa is launching the initial phase of the Andalusian Green Hydrogen Valley project, which involves establishing a green hydrogen production facility at Cepsa’s La Rábida Energy Park in Palos de la Frontera, Huelva. This initiative aims to produce up to 47,000 tons of green hydrogen annually. It aligns with Cepsa's broader strategy to expand its green hydrogen capacity in southern Spain to 2 gigawatts by 2030.

"We are delighted to collaborate with an innovative partner in establishing one of Europe's largest hydrogen valleys and supporting Cepsa's journey towards achieving gigawatt capacity," expresses Dr. Werner Ponikwar, CEO of thyssenkrupp nucera.

As part of a network of European alliances, Cepsa is spearheading the development of the Andalusian Green Hydrogen Valley, set to become Europe's largest green hydrogen hub. Positioned as an early leader in Spain's green hydrogen economy, the company is forming strategic partnerships to establish a scalable value chain. This emerging market presents opportunities to establish assembly capabilities for electrolysis equipment within Spain, fostering job creation and safeguarding Europe against supply shortages and prolonged lead times from other competitive markets.

"This marks a pivotal advancement in our Positive Motion strategy as we strive to emerge as a prominent producer of green hydrogen, pioneering essential clean energy solutions for industry and heavy transport in Spain and throughout Europe. Our partnership with thyssenkrupp nucera unites top European enterprises to establish a robust green hydrogen supply chain across the continent, hastening the pace of decarbonization," states Carlos Barrasa, Cepsa’s Executive Vice President of Commercial and Clean Energies.

The green electricity necessary for the production process will be sourced from abundant solar and wind energy resources in southern Spain, positioning it as one of Europe's most competitive locations for green hydrogen production. Moreover, the region benefits from strategic port access, laying the groundwork for the maritime corridor established by Cepsa and its partners to facilitate hydrogen transportation between southern and northern Europe. This initiative ensures widespread decarbonization solutions across the continent.

"thyssenkrupp nucera's alkaline water electrolysis, shaped by our engineers' industrial expertise, remains pivotal in converting renewable energy into green hydrogen, enabling the decarbonization of challenging industries. Our collaboration with Cepsa underscores the continued trust of major industrial stakeholders in our technology," states Dr. Christoph Noeres, Head of Green Hydrogen at thyssenkrupp nucera.

thyssenkrupp nucera's technology is integral to significant green hydrogen initiatives worldwide. Notably, the electrolysis specialist is providing scalum® modules with a collective capacity exceeding 700 MW for H2 Green Steel's green steel plant in Sweden. Additionally, Air Products in Saudi Arabia has selected thyssenkrupp nucera's electrolyzer units for its electrolysis plant, boasting a capacity exceeding 2 gigawatts, located at Neom in Saudi Arabia. Presently, thyssenkrupp nucera is delivering over 3 gigawatts of electrolyzer capacity.

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