Global Coconut Oil Prices Expect a Further Drop in November 2023 Amid Waning Consumer Demand
Global Coconut Oil Prices Expect a Further Drop in November 2023 Amid Waning Consumer Demand

Global Coconut Oil Prices Expect a Further Drop in November 2023 Amid Waning Consumer Demand

  • 08-Nov-2023 5:16 PM
  • Journalist: Yage Kwon

Coconut Oil prices dropped again in early November after demonstrating an optimistic market outlook in the prior month across the global market. As per the analyst, this price drop was primarily due to a complex interplay of factors, including increased production, changing consumer preferences, and weaker regional and overseas consumption.

As per the market experts, various key coconut-producing countries, including Indonesia, the Philippines, and India, have experienced bumper crops this year, leading to a global Coconut Oil market surplus. This abundance in supply has naturally driven prices downward as producers compete to sell their products. Apart from that, shifting consumer preferences towards alternative oils and healthier cooking options have decreased demand for Coconut Oil in early November. Health-conscious consumers are now exploring options like olive oil, avocado oil, and sustainable alternatives, decreasing overall demand for Coconut Oil.

The declining prices of Coconut Oil have had mixed implications for economies around the world. Importing nations, especially those heavily reliant on Coconut Oil, primarily the United States and the Netherlands, for various industries, including food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals, are benefiting from reduced production costs. However, exporting nations face economic challenges as their revenues shrink due to falling prices. Also, the suppliers in the APAC region have found themselves with excess inventory as they struggled to match their production with demand. This surplus situation for Coconut Oil has exacerbated the market imbalance, prompting traders to reduce their overall selling cost further and reconsider their pricing strategies to clear the surplus inventory. Previously burdened by elevated prices caused by increasing raw material costs, consumers have embraced this price correction. Nevertheless, the downstream demand from both local and global markets hasn't matched the increased production rates, leading to a market imbalance and pushing prices downward.

Apart from that, another major factor that might further contribute to this drop in the prices of Coconut Oil across the global market includes the reduction of storage costs. Coconut Oil is a solid at room temperature, but it melts at around 76 degrees Fahrenheit, which specifically means that it needs to be stored in a cool place, including refrigerators or pantry. In the winter months, when temperatures are cooler, Coconut Oil can be stored at room temperature, reducing storage costs and, therefore, leading to its lower price trajectory.

As per the ChemAnalyst anticipation, the prices of Coconut Oil in the future might continue to decline until the final weeks of November 2023.

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