DCW Resumes Partial Operations at Caustic Soda and Soda Ash Plants

DCW Resumes Partial Operations at Caustic Soda and Soda Ash Plants

  • 01-May-2020 3:24 PM
  • Journalist: Timothy Greene

After getting considerable permissions from the government, India’s leading Chlor-Alakli and PVC manufacturer, DCW Limited, has partially resumed operations at its largest integrated Sahupuram plant located in the vicinity of Tuticorin port in Tamil Nadu. The Sahupuram plant which resumed partial operations (w.e.f 28th April 2020), is into production of Synthetic Iron Oxide Pigment (SIOP), PVC and Caustic Soda. The company also resumed partial operations at its Soda Ash plant located at Dhrangadhra, Gujarat, in compliance with the mandatory social distancing policies. As per the company officials, the plant is sufficient with the raw materials required for operations and the company will maintain the production continuity. The company has also planned to resume its delayed shipments to international customers through the running Tuticorin port, which is located close to the plant. Although, the company expects some revenue loss in Q4FY20 and Q1FY21 due to the nationwide lockdown, it is optimistic to surpass the challenges as soon as the industry heads towards recovery.


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