Delta Company and thyssenkrupp Uhde Collaborate to Restart Ammonia Plant in Egypt
Delta Company and thyssenkrupp Uhde Collaborate to Restart Ammonia Plant in Egypt

Delta Company and thyssenkrupp Uhde Collaborate to Restart Ammonia Plant in Egypt

  • 23-Feb-2024 1:54 PM
  • Journalist: Emilia Jackson

thyssenkrupp Uhde Egypt has officially inked a contract with Delta Company for Fertilizer and Chemical Industries, a prominent player in Egypt's industrial landscape. The agreement focuses on the comprehensive overhaul of an existing ammonia plant complex situated in Dakahlia, Talkha, Egypt.

Assuming responsibility for the front-end-engineering-design (FEED) aspect of the project, thyssenkrupp Uhde is poised to provide cutting-edge engineering solutions for the revamping efforts targeting the ammonia plant. Additionally, the company is set to extend its expertise to cover the ammonia offsite and central utility units. Integral to this transformative endeavor is the application of thyssenkrupp Uhde's signature technology for ammonia and urea production, known as the uhde® ammonia technology.

Renowned for its effectiveness, the uhde® ammonia technology has already demonstrated success in over 120 plants globally. By leveraging this technology in conjunction with the FEED solutions, thyssenkrupp Uhde aims to breathe new life into the ammonia plant, which has been dormant for three years. Simultaneously, the revamped facility is expected to witness a notable increase in its capacity, surging from 1275 to 1400 tons of ammonia per day.

The implications of Delta's ammonia plant recommissioning project extend beyond the industrial realm. It resonates with the broader vision outlined by the Egyptian government, aligning with national objectives for economic revitalization. The reopening and enhancement of the ammonia plant are expected to inject significant momentum into the Egyptian economy, particularly during the critical reopening phase. The ammonia produced as a result of this undertaking is poised to play a pivotal role in fostering expansion within the agricultural sector of Egypt.

As a critical player in the global industrial landscape, thyssenkrupp Uhde's involvement in the revitalization project underscores its commitment to advancing innovative solutions in the field of ammonia and urea production. The extensive track record of the uhde® ammonia technology, combined with the company's proficiency in engineering, positions thyssenkrupp Uhde as a key enabler for the successful execution of this transformative project in Egypt.

The collaboration between thyssenkrupp Uhde and Delta Company for Fertilizer and Chemical Industries exemplifies the synergy between international expertise and local industry knowledge. By combining forces, these entities are not only revitalizing a dormant facility but also contributing to the overall economic growth and agricultural expansion in Egypt. The success of this endeavor is expected to reverberate on both regional and national scales, showcasing the positive outcomes that can arise from strategic partnerships and cutting-edge technologies in the industrial sector.

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