Denmark Experiences Unprecedented Arrival of Green Jet Fuel to Satisfy Surging Demand
Denmark Experiences Unprecedented Arrival of Green Jet Fuel to Satisfy Surging Demand

Denmark Experiences Unprecedented Arrival of Green Jet Fuel to Satisfy Surging Demand

  • 15-Sep-2023 7:20 PM
  • Journalist: Shiba Teramoto

Denmark has achieved a significant milestone by receiving an unprecedented volume of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) at the Prøvestenen terminal. This delivery marks the commencement of Denmark's ambitious plan to meet the surging demand for sustainable aviation fuel from airlines. It also signals the establishment of the country's first large-scale SAF storage facility.

Through the creation of this large-scale SAF storage facility on Danish soil, DCC & Shell Aviation has positioned the Danish aviation industry at the forefront of meeting the European Union's 2025 requirements. These requirements mandate airlines to gradually increase the proportion of SAF used in their operations.

The company's strategic decision to establish a large-scale SAF supply base in Denmark traces back to 2021 when it entered into an agreement with Sonderborg Airport for SAF supplies, primarily catering to the domestic route to Copenhagen.

Sune Petersen, Head of Sustainability & Strategy at DCC & Shell Aviation Denmark, highlighted the collaborative efforts that have expanded the scope of this initiative. He stated, "Since then, Billund Airport has joined and most recently Copenhagen Airport via the SAF agreement we have entered into with Air Greenland."

The Prøvestenen terminal, owned by Oiltanking Copenhagen, boasts a pivotal advantage—it is seamlessly connected to the country's largest airport through a dedicated pipeline. Petersen further elaborated on this, saying, "From Oiltanking Copenhagen's tanks at Prøvestenen, we are not only able to send SAF directly into the pipelines to Copenhagen Airport, but we can also efficiently reach the other airports through our existing supply network."

The strategic focus on building infrastructure around SAF is instrumental in positioning Denmark's aviation industry to handle a variety of liquid fuels, including PtX-based fuel. Petersen underscored the importance of this infrastructure, explaining, "Our facilities at Prøvestenen offer a robust and adaptable foundation, ensuring consistent energy provision nationwide throughout the ongoing energy transition."

This infrastructure not only enables the efficient handling of SAF deliveries on a large scale but also aligns with the vision of gradually replacing fossil jet fuel with sustainable alternatives. Petersen's call for airlines to embark on this transition reflects the commitment to reducing the aviation industry's environmental footprint and embracing cleaner energy solutions.

In summary, Denmark's reception of a substantial quantity of sustainable aviation fuel at the Prøvestenen terminal marks the beginning of a transformative journey for the country's aviation industry. With the establishment of a large-scale SAF storage facility, Denmark is positioning itself ahead of regulatory requirements and taking significant steps toward a more sustainable and environmentally conscious aviation sector. The collaboration between industry players and the development of robust infrastructure are pivotal in realizing the goal of gradually displacing fossil jet fuel with cleaner, greener alternatives.

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