Despite All the Odds, Sodium Lignosulphonate Prices Maintaining Stability Across the Globe
Despite All the Odds, Sodium Lignosulphonate Prices Maintaining Stability Across the Globe

Despite All the Odds, Sodium Lignosulphonate Prices Maintaining Stability Across the Globe

  • 14-Jun-2022 3:40 PM
  • Journalist: Motoki Sasaki

As per the latest price assessment by ChemAnalyst, a marginal price increment has been observed for Sodium Lignosulphonate prices in the global market under the influence of stable demand dynamics. ChemAnalyst data shows that prices have risen marginally in India and USA while remaining unchanged in China.

As per the data, a hike of around 0.4% has been observed for Sodium Lignosulphonate during the first week of June 2022, which later remained unchanged by the end of the second week. A trusted ChemAnalyst source revealed that Sodium Lignosulphonate price has been stable for a long time, and only marginal changes occur on a weekly basis. In India, demand fundamentals for the product maintained overall stability owing to stable offtakes amidst ample inventories level.

On the other side, despite high inflationary pressure, Sodium Lignosulphonate prices remained stable in the meantime due to ample inventories amidst mild demand from the domestic market. As per the market insights, the construction sector of the USA slowed down after witnessing consistent price increment in raw materials, while Sodium Lignosulphonate remained stable with a marginal hike of around 0.6% during the first week of this month.

Meanwhile, in China, which has been battling with pandemic-related uncertainties since March, prices remained unchanged entering June 2022, after witnessing a marginal increment during the previous month. A market source revealed that, due to the country’s zero covid policy, offtakes from the construction sector tumbled, which was counterbalanced by supply disruption across the domestic market. Thus, despite slow offtakes, the price remained firm throughout the month of May, which was later assessed to be unchanged by the second week of June.

As per the ChemAnalyst analysis, Sodium Lignosulphonate prices are unlikely to rebound in China, as another outbreak is looming across the country, which will further hamper the overall market dynamics of the country. However, traders may try to keep their exports stable at major ports of the country in order to protect them from further devastation.

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