Global Dimethylformamide Prices Experience Prolonged Price Decline Amidst Weakened Demand
Global Dimethylformamide Prices Experience Prolonged Price Decline Amidst Weakened Demand

Global Dimethylformamide Prices Experience Prolonged Price Decline Amidst Weakened Demand

  • 18-Sep-2023 6:17 PM
  • Journalist: Patricia Jose Perez

FOB-Rotterdam: The global Dimethylformamide (DMF) market has witnessed a sustained decline in price trends, with values consistently hovering at the lower end. This downturn can be attributed to many factors affecting major markets, including the United States, Europe, and China. The diminishing demand from key downstream consumer industries, such as Agrochemicals and Textiles, has contributed to this slump. Additionally, stable but lower-end pricing of upstream materials like Methanol and Dimethylamine has compounded the challenges by impacting production costs.

In the European region, the market for DMF has been notably impacted by a weakened PMI (Purchasing Managers' Index) index. This decline in economic activity has adversely affected the demand for DMF. Furthermore, the region has faced hurdles in maintaining competitive pricing due to relatively stable but lower-cost inputs. The situation has led to a precarious supply-demand balance, prompting cautious approaches among buyers to place substantial orders. Additionally, enterprises didn't show any interest in bulk purchasing. Instead, the market participant looked interested in procuring their stocks immediately, consequently leading to weaker trading activities.

The United States DMF market experienced a substantial drop in price dynamics. This downturn was primarily triggered by disruptions in cargo flow caused by low water levels in the Panama Canal. Reduced export activities from the region resulted in a buildup of significant DMF inventories in the local market. Consequently, prices remained at the lower end, reflecting the oversupply. Despite efforts to regulate production rates, the market has seen a softening trend, with traders facing challenges.

Similarly, the Chinese DMF market encountered difficulties due to a weak manufacturing rate in downstream industries, coupled with an excess of inventories and weakened international demand. Furthermore, repetitive surges of DMF have led to an overflow within domestic regions. Despite attempts to balance supply and demand by curtailing production rates, significant traders are experiencing ongoing challenges. This has compelled enterprises to adopt a vigilant observation strategy in the prevailing market scenario, resulting in hesitance among buyers to place large-volume orders.

According to analysts at ChemAnalyst, the DMF market may continue to experience stability in the coming month. The persistently elevated inventories in major regions are likely to encourage a cautious stance among market players. However, as demand from downstream industries gradually recovers and global economic conditions improve, there is potential for a market rebound. Additionally, any fluctuations in the prices of upstream materials like Methanol and Dimethylamine could influence the overall pricing dynamics in the DMF market.  

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