Dynamic Downstream Inquiries Accelerate Calcium Carbide Market Globally

Dynamic Downstream Inquiries Accelerate Calcium Carbide Market Globally

Dynamic Downstream Inquiries Accelerate Calcium Carbide Market Globally

  • 30-Aug-2022 5:21 PM
  • Journalist: Kim Chul Son

Several disruptions, such as extreme weather in Australia, transportation issues in the USA, and lower water levels in the Rhine, have bolstered the global economic challenges and impacted the market fundamentals of various chemicals, including Calcium Carbide. However, the uptick in demand from the downstream steel and PVC industries, coupled with uncertainties in the prices of significant energy materials, has fueled the market growth of Calcium Carbide in the global region.

In Germany, skyrocketing energy prices and supply chain bottlenecks have substantially pressured the price chain of Calcium Carbide. The positive developments in the construction and mechanical markets have pushed the demand dynamics for upstream Calcium Carbide to demonstrate a northward trend in the domestic market. Europe's sanctions on Russian coal following its conflicts with Ukraine have evolved Asian countries as direct beneficiaries. The data shows that Venezuelan pet coke export volumes have risen by approximately 4.5% and are traded with considerable discounts to China and India. The soaring energy prices are the primary factor for this upsurged Calcium Carbide market value. The ChemAnalyst data has shown that the Calcium Carbide prices escalated by approximately 4.3% last month.

Furthermore, in India, the price realization of Calcium Carbide has surged by nearly 4.7% on a month-to-month basis. The market players have reported that the surge in demand for plastic pipes across the irrigation and construction sectors has boosted downstream PVC's market fundamentals, further strengthening the Calcium Carbide offers in India.

As per ChemAnalyst, Calcium Carbide offers are likely to remain buoyant in the global region amid fluctuating input costs and staggering inquiries from the downstream construction sector. The market players anticipate an improvement in order flows with enhanced demand in the forthcoming weeks. Furthermore, the plateauing inflationary pressures will also impact the collective sentiments toward Calcium Carbide in the global region.


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