Element Fuels Wraps Up Site Preparation for Hydrogen-Fueled Refinery
Element Fuels Wraps Up Site Preparation for Hydrogen-Fueled Refinery

Element Fuels Wraps Up Site Preparation for Hydrogen-Fueled Refinery

  • 10-Jun-2024 3:41 PM
  • Journalist: Stella Fernandes

Element Fuels Holdings, LLC, established to pioneer the development and operation of scalable, advanced clean fuels production, has finalized site preparation and pre-construction activities for a cutting-edge hydrogen-powered refinery and combined-cycle power plant at the Port of Brownsville, Texas. The Element complex is ingeniously engineered to manufacture and recycle hydrogen utilizing state-of-the-art technologies, aimed at producing and supplying notably cleaner, premium-grade fuels, including essential high-octane gasoline and electricity for both commercial and consumer use.

"Element Fuels has obtained the requisite permits for constructing and running a refinery with a capacity exceeding 160,000 barrels, equivalent to approximately 6.7 million gallons, daily production of refined gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel," remarked Founder and Co-CEO John Calce. " Securing approval for a greenfield refinery of this scale, complexity, and versatility has not been witnessed in the United States since the 1970s. This underscores the innovative strategies we're employing to tackle climate and sustainability challenges with fresh, greener approaches unprecedented in the refinery sector."

Set to commence operations in 2027, Element Fuels' pioneering refinery integrates cutting-edge, field-tested technologies sourced from top-tier partners. Tailored to exclusively refine high-gravity domestic shale oil, the facility will yield low-carbon intensity fuels, significantly mitigating carbon emissions.

The facility is set to generate ample low-carbon hydrogen to fulfill virtually all of the refinery’s fuel demands, effectively eradicating CO2 emissions. Surplus hydrogen production beyond the refinery’s requirements will be harnessed to produce low-carbon, large-scale electricity through Element's hydrogen-capable combined-cycle gas turbine power plant. Exceeding 100 MW, the surplus electricity generated by Element's power plant will be supplied to the Energy Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) to consistently meet the energy needs of the surrounding community. This facility marks an unprecedented milestone in the industry, showcasing a sustainable economic model and serving as a significant stride towards transitioning from fossil to renewable and lower-carbon energy sources.

The Element complex is currently under construction across more than 240 acres within the Port of Brownsville, situated in South Texas. This deepwater port has emerged as a strategic hub for the transportation of bulk petroleum and refined products, natural gas liquids, and various other specialized liquid commodities. The development of the complex is poised to bolster the local economy and enhance the quality of life for workers and their families by generating hundreds of employment opportunities offering above-market wages. In addition, Element Fuels is collaborating with local and port authorities to advance the Justice40 initiative established by the U.S. Department of Commerce. This collaboration aims to foster a climate-positive environment, providing residents of the Brownsville area and Rio Grande Valley with access to clean energy, as well as affordable and sustainable housing solutions.

Element Fuels has engaged McDermott to deliver front-end engineering design services for the facility, encompassing offsites and utilities.

Element Fuels is spearheaded by a top-tier management team consisting of seasoned industry professionals with a track record of effectively engineering, developing, and overseeing over $500 billion worth of intricate capital projects. Collectively, the team boasts over a century of leadership experience in the energy and petrochemical sectors.

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