Hydrogen Market Analysis: Plant Capacity, Production, Operating Efficiency, Demand & Supply, Technology, End-Use, Sales Channel, Region, Competition, Trade, Market Analysis, 2015-2030

Format: Online | Last Updated: Nov 2020

[Online Quarterly Update] Hydrogen market across the Globe has witnessed a commendable demand in 2019 and is anticipated to achieve an impressive CAGR of 7.95% during the forecast period. Hydrogen a flammable gas with negligible carbon emission is actively utilized for diverse applications such as production of chemical derivatives, in building and construction by blending into pre natural gas networks, followed by power generation and transport .Hydrogen along with fuel cell technologies has observed tremendous potential for growth but requires drastic efforts to push it into reality . Moreover, road to decarbonation adopted by countries in concern of the climatic shifts observed in past few years has laid high emphasis to imply zero carbon hydrogen solution policies in the coming years. In support of this initiative various governments across countries have started to support the utilization of low carbon hydrogen in various industrial and commercial purpose. Even though high risk follows in investment of low carbonized hydrogen technology, the gap between the capital investment and revenue can be largely fulfilled if investors make use of the government funding and incentives in the most prevalent way.
Hydrogen is not just regarded as an energy source but a carrier of chemical energy. It is viewed as a highly versatile compound since it can be produced from various energy sources such as natural gas, coal, biomass, wind, hydroelectric power etc.,  and can also be utilized to make diverse fuel derivatives like synthetic liquid fuels, methane, ammonia, methanol and others. As of now majority of Hydrogen is being produced by fossil fuel and natural gas. Although the production of Hydrogen using electrolytic cell with caustic soda traces is currently low, however it is perceived to gain high demand in the coming years with cost effective and reliable innovations. Several new projects for cost effective production of Hydrogen have been initiated in the past few years at the back of the growing interest in producing hydrogen from renewable electricity sources. It is anticipated by next 10 years out of the total carbon produced globally, around 9.5 million tonnes will account for low carbon Hydrogen.
To support green Hydrogen economy, the start-up and scale-up of competitive and innovative hydrogen production company is anticipated to largely fuel the Global Hydrogen market by 2030. However, the challenge ahead is the transformation of existing natural gas pipeline to Hydrogen pipeline. Moreover, the construction and maintenance of Hydrogen fueling stations and port facilities for active transportation of the gas is another pivotal factor that could demonstrate the growth of Hydrogen market in the coming years. With European Union and several other governments leaned to adopt Hydrogen as a niche fuel in the future to battle the degrading environment, a large number of investments are anticipated to happen with various companies entering the green Hydrogen market in search of new profit bearings. As of now, leading players in the Global Hydrogen market include Air Liquide, Linde, Air Products and Chemicals, Iwatani, Taiyo Nippon Sanso etc. Among all these Air Liquide is presently the largest supplier of Hydrogen, Oxygen and Nitrogen. The idea of green hydrogen is at its most early phase and requires huge innovations backed by large government funding to take it to next level globally.
The Global Hydrogen market is anticipated to witness a commendable growth with majority of the consumption share coming from Asia Pacific (APAC) Region owing to the increasing industrial operations in countries like China, India and South Korea. In addition, China’s setup of a new Hydrogen city with an altogether investment of 290 million to brace new research and development operations and build transport and storage facilities along with large scale production of Hydrogen fuel vehicles is the magnetic attribute towards the growth of Hydrogen market in Asia Pacific. Europe followed by Japan also showcase large plans for adapting to green hydrogen economy to combat climate change. 
The Global Hydrogen market has been severely affected by the unprecedented outbreak of Coronavirus in the final quarter of FY 20. Although the future demand still highlights skyrocketing potential, however due to abrupt lockdown and force measures implied in various countries to contain the virus, the demand for industrial Hydrogen has suffered a huge blow. Moreover, it has largely impacted project schedules and has led to delays due to unavailability of manpower and challenges associated with planned execution. However, as per industrial experts these challenges are temporary, and can be easily taken over abiding by the government support and relief policies.
Years Considered for this Report:
Historical Years: 2015 – 2018
Base Year: 2019
Estimated Year: 2020
Forecast Period: 2021 – 2030

This report will be delivered on an online digital platform with one-year subscription and quarterly update.
Objective of the Study: 
•The primary objective of the study was to evaluate and forecast Hydrogen capacity, production, demand and demand – supply gap globally.  
•To categorize Hydrogen demand based on technology, end use, region and sales channel. 
•To study company shares in Global Hydrogen market. 
•To identify major customers of Hydrogen globally.
•To evaluate and forecast Hydrogen pricing in Global Hydrogen market.
•To identify and profile major companies operating in Global Hydrogen market.
•To identify major news, deals and expansion plans in Global Hydrogen market. 
Global Hydrogen market has portrayed incredible growth in the past few years and is expected to grow at an enhanced pace in near future. With renewable energy being regarded as the ‘New Normal’, there exists huge potential for new players to emerge in the market. Some of the leading players operating in the Global Hydrogen market include Air Liquide, Air Products and Chemicals, The Linde Group, Iwatani Corporation, Messer Group, Taiyo Nippon Sanso, Hydrogenics Corporation, Erredue, Claind, Ballard Power Systems, FuelCell Energy, Showa Denko, Ally Hi-Tech, Teledyne Energy Systems etc.
Prices of Hydrogen witnessed an incredible upsurge in 2019 due to up soaring prices of fossil fuel. Furthermore, new initiatives promoting the use of Hydrogen as an industrial and transport fuel promised its high futures in the coming years. Contrary to the forecasts, the unprecedented outbreak of Coronavirus led to a significant plunge in its demand in the first half of 2020. The situation is likely to improve in the latter half with the market coming back on track after upliftment of lockdown and other stringent containment measures. Low feedstock prices and slumped demand have caused Hydrogen CFR China price to plummet between USD XX/MT to USD XX/MT. Tracing a similar trend, Hydrogen prices in Europe and the America have weakened significantly. 
To extract data for Global Hydrogen market, primary research surveys were conducted with Hydrogen manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, wholesalers and end users. While interviewing, the respondents were also inquired about their competitors. Through this technique, ChemAnalyst was able to include manufacturers that could not be identified due to the limitations of secondary research. Moreover, ChemAnalyst analyzed various end user segments and projected a positive outlook for Global Hydrogen market over the coming years. 
ChemAnalyst calculated Hydrogen global demand by analyzing the historical data and demand forecast was carried out the market dynamics of end-use industries. ChemAnalyst sourced these values from industry experts and company representatives and externally validated through analyzing historical sales data of respective manufacturers to arrive at the overall market size. Various secondary sources such as company websites, association reports, annual reports, etc., were also studied by ChemAnalyst. 
Key Target Audience:
•Hydrogen manufacturers and other stakeholders
•Organizations, forums and alliances related to Hydrogen distribution
•Government bodies such as regulating authorities and policy makers
•Market research and consulting firms
The study is useful in providing answers to several critical questions that are important for industry stakeholders, such as Hydrogen manufacturers, distributors, importers and end users. The report also provides useful insights about which market segments should be targeted over the coming years to strategize investments and capitalize on growth opportunities.
Report Scope:
In this report, the Global Hydrogen market has been segmented into following categories, in addition to the industry trends which have also been detailed below:
Market, by Technology
Steam Methane Reforming, Coal Gasification, Partial Gasification of Oil, Ammonia Cracking, Methanol Reforming and Electrolysis
Market, by End-use
Petroleum Refining, Chemical Processing, Metal Processing, Automobile, Energy and Others
Market, by Sales Channel
Direct/Institutional Sales, Retail Sales, Other Channel Sales
Market, by Region
North America, APAC, Europe, MEA, South America
Market, by Region
North America
United States, Mexico, Canada
China, India, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand
Germany, Russia, France, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy
Saudi Arabia, UAE, South Africa
South America
Brazil, Argentina, Chile
Competitive Landscape
ChemAnalyst offers detailed analysis of major players including basic company details, Segmental/product information, financial performance, growth strategies, expansion plans, SWOT analysis etc.to give a comprehensive and meaningful insights on the Global Hydrogen market.
Available Customizations:
With the given market data, ChemAnalyst offers customizations according to a company’s specific needs.
In case you can’t find what, you are looking for then please get in touch with our custom research team at sales@chemanalyst.com

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