Eltronic FuelTech Unveils Single-Unit Methanol Supply System for Efficient Operations
Eltronic FuelTech Unveils Single-Unit Methanol Supply System for Efficient Operations

Eltronic FuelTech Unveils Single-Unit Methanol Supply System for Efficient Operations

  • 15-Feb-2024 6:40 PM
  • Journalist: Jacob Kutchner

Eltronic FuelTech, a Danish company specializing in innovative solutions for the maritime industry, has marked a significant achievement with the successful implementation of its revolutionary Low-Flashpoint Fuel Supply System (LESS). The cutting-edge LESS system is designed to facilitate the seamless delivery of fuel from storage tanks to engines in methanol-powered ships. This groundbreaking technology has recently found its first application on the Laura Maersk, a container ship operated by Moller-Maersk, making it the maiden vessel of its kind to utilize green methanol as its primary fuel source.

The adoption of methanol as a fuel in the maritime sector holds immense promise for addressing environmental concerns and curbing emissions. The integration of Eltronic FuelTech's LESS system with methanol-powered ships not only enhances operational efficiency but also raises safety standards, contributing to a reduction in associated costs. The successful deployment of the LESS system on the Laura Maersk represents a pivotal moment in the maritime industry's transition toward more sustainable and eco-friendly practices.

Louise Andreasen, CEO at Eltronic FuelTech, emphasized the customer-centric advantages offered by the LESS system. The system is presented as a consolidated package, eliminating the need for users to navigate interfaces between disparate systems. This streamlined approach simplifies operations for customers, offering a holistic solution that addresses both fuel supply and valvetrain considerations. The integration of these components under the LESS system allows Eltronic FuelTech to provide customers with a comprehensive safety guarantee for the entire fuel delivery system.

One of the standout features of the LESS system is its innovative use of a single pump, diverging from the conventional practice of employing two pumps in most other fuel supply systems. The singular pump in the LESS system is equipped with the capability to dynamically adjust its operation according to the engine load, ensuring the precise delivery of the required fuel volume. This adaptive functionality proves particularly advantageous during periods of reduced ship speed, as the pump automatically aligns with the load, optimizing efficiency. In contrast, traditional systems often circulate excessive quantities of methanol, resulting in heightened electricity consumption, especially on larger vessels.

Louise Andreasen highlighted the environmental and economic impact of this innovation by pointing out that fuel pumps in conventional systems typically consume over 100,000 kWh annually for fuel movement.

The successful implementation of the LESS system on the Laura Maersk underscores Eltronic FuelTech's commitment to advancing sustainability, safety, and efficiency in the maritime industry. As the industry continues to navigate the complexities of environmental regulations and strives for a more sustainable future, solutions like the LESS system play a crucial role in shaping the way forward. Eltronic FuelTech's achievements with the LESS system mark a milestone in the journey toward a cleaner, more environmentally conscious maritime industry.

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