Eni Initiates Production of Vegetable Oil for Biorefining Operations in Mozambique
Eni Initiates Production of Vegetable Oil for Biorefining Operations in Mozambique

Eni Initiates Production of Vegetable Oil for Biorefining Operations in Mozambique

  • 07-Feb-2024 5:34 PM
  • Journalist: Motoki Sasaki

Eni Rovuma Basin (ERB) has embarked on a groundbreaking venture with the initiation of vegetable oil production, intending to utilize it as a pivotal feedstock in Eni's biorefineries. This strategic move aligns seamlessly with Eni's overarching strategy to actively contribute to the decarbonization of transportation, positioning Mozambique within the value chain of sustainable mobility.

The ERB's ambitious plans extend beyond the initial phase of vegetable oil production. The project envisions extensive development in Mozambique, involving the active participation of numerous local farmers. ERB aims to establish a robust industrial platform dedicated to the production of agri-feedstocks within the country, thereby fostering socio-economic development in rural areas and contributing to the regeneration of degraded agricultural land.

Central to the success of this venture is ERB's commitment to supporting local farmers comprehensively. The strategy involves knowledge transfer, introducing mechanization, and implementing best practices. By empowering local farmers with these tools and expertise, ERB aims to enhance and strengthen local capabilities, creating a sustainable and mutually beneficial ecosystem.

Eni's presence in Mozambique dates back to 2006, marking a longstanding commitment to the region. Notably, Eni serves as the delegated operator of the Coral South project, a significant endeavor that achieved the historic milestone of being the first to produce gas in Mozambique's Rovuma Basin. This underscores Eni's multifaceted involvement in the region, encompassing upstream activities that contribute to the nation's energy landscape.

Beyond the immediate operational activities, Eni is resolutely dedicated to playing a pivotal role in the global energy transition. The company has set a formidable goal of achieving net carbon neutrality by 2030, reflecting its proactive stance in steering toward a low-carbon future. Eni's endeavors in Mozambique, including the innovative vegetable oil production initiative, exemplify its commitment to sustainable practices and aligning its operations with the broader objectives of mitigating climate change.

The initiation of vegetable oil production by ERB not only marks a significant milestone in Eni's operational landscape but also symbolizes the company's dedication to fostering sustainable and socially responsible initiatives. By integrating Mozambique into the sustainable mobility value chain, Eni is not only contributing to environmental conservation but also actively participating in the socio-economic upliftment of local communities.

Eni Rovuma Basin's foray into vegetable oil production for biorefineries in Mozambique signifies a bold step towards sustainable and decarbonized energy solutions. The commitment to meeting stringent certification standards, engaging local farmers, and fostering socio-economic development underscores the comprehensive nature of this initiative. As Eni continues to play a transformative role in Mozambique's energy sector, the vegetable oil project stands as a testament to the company's commitment to innovation, sustainability, and positively impacting the communities it serves.

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