EPA's Approval of E15 as Summer Fuel Marks First Step Towards Long-Term Fuel Solution
EPA's Approval of E15 as Summer Fuel Marks First Step Towards Long-Term Fuel Solution

EPA's Approval of E15 as Summer Fuel Marks First Step Towards Long-Term Fuel Solution

  • 22-May-2023 6:20 PM
  • Journalist: Li Hua

Europe: Environmental protection agency (EPA) renews authority to provide consumers with lower-cost and lower-emission fuel choice ahead of summer driving season. Common-sense move to maintain access to E15 fuel, blended with 15% Ethanol and labelled as unleaded 88, increases fuel supply, saves money, and reduces transportation emissions amid rising gas prices and demand.

EPA's decision to maintain E15 fuel availability rightly supports consumers and retailers amid uncertainty surrounding domestic fuel supply. Policymakers urged to consider permanently enabling access to Ethanol as it's not just a short-term solution, but part of the long-term strategy towards achieving economic, energy, and environmental goals for the nation.

Groups representing convenience stores, energy producers, manufacturers, and agriculture unite to urge congress for full market access of lower-cost and lower-emission E15 fuel choice. Bipartisan efforts from EPA, congress, and governors struggle to remove outdated regulations, but passage of consumer and fuel retailer choice act could provide solution.

Amidst record low US strategic petroleum reserve and insufficient fuel supply, passage of consumer and fuel retailer choice act to enable access to E15 is more vital than ever. OPEC's decision to cut oil production adds further pressure on fuel supply, making lower-cost and lower-emission Ethanol-petroleum blend a sensible solution.

Next Generation Fuels Act: a key solution to enable clean, affordable fuel choices for consumers in the future. Congress called upon to advance bill that establishes high-Octane fuel standard to encourage automakers to deploy advanced engines and improve fuel efficiency while reducing emissions of liquid fuels and vehicles.

Legislative support for Ethanol-petroleum blend fuels: a dual victory for environment and consumers. Majority of US gasoline already contains Ethanol due to cost-effective 10% Ethanol blends readily available nationwide. By increasing Ethanol content, higher blends like E15 offer enhanced benefits of sustainable fuel innovation and are approved for almost all 2001 and newer vehicles on the road today.

Ethanol-petroleum blends: a clear winner in terms of environmental and economic benefits. Ethanol use results in up to 52% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than gasoline, with increased savings at the pump. Recent comparison of retail stations showed drivers saved a minimum of 25 cents per gallon with E15. Moreover, E15 offers lower volatility than regular fuel, resulting in reduced evaporative and exhaust emissions, which is particularly relevant during summer driving season.

EPA efforts lauded for supporting consumers during summer, but more remains to be done. Consumer and fuel retailer choice act offer year-round savings and cleaner-burning fuel access to all drivers. This is just the beginning of a comprehensive solution. Smart policy implementation vital for ensuring permanent E15 fuel access and advancing long-term energy and climate solutions for the country.

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