EU Grants Funding to Norwegian Hydrogen's Vireon for Nordic Green Hydrogen Project
EU Grants Funding to Norwegian Hydrogen's Vireon for Nordic Green Hydrogen Project

EU Grants Funding to Norwegian Hydrogen's Vireon for Nordic Green Hydrogen Project

  • 15-Apr-2024 12:31 PM
  • Journalist: Peter Schmidt

Vireon, a wholly owned subsidiary of Norwegian Hydrogen and a prominent player in hydrogen refueling across the Nordics, has clinched a significant EU grant amounting to €9.2 million (NOK 106 million). This funding will propel the establishment of green hydrogen production facilities and refueling stations tailored for heavy-duty vehicles across Finland and Denmark, marking a significant stride in Vireon's mission to catalyze the transition towards a decarbonized transportation ecosystem across Europe.

This achievement follows closely on the heels of Norwegian Hydrogen's earlier success in securing a €9 million grant from the Clean Hydrogen Partnership earlier in the year. This grant was earmarked for the development of an integrated green hydrogen value chain at the Port of Hirtshals in Denmark.

Jens Berge, CEO of Norwegian Hydrogen, expressed profound pride in the team's ability to secure a combined total of NOK 210 million for hydrogen initiatives. Berge emphasized that this accomplishment not only fuels their dedication to a sustainable future but also solidifies their position as frontrunners in the green energy transition.

The ambitious endeavor seeks to install a 5 MW electrolyzer and create a network of green hydrogen refueling stations extending from Northern Finland, traversing through Sweden and Denmark, all the way to continental Europe. This initiative is pivotal in creating a crucial corridor for zero-emission heavy-duty vehicles, thereby significantly contributing to emissions reduction efforts.

The grant will facilitate the construction of seven refueling stations across Finland and Denmark, ensuring widespread accessibility for both passenger cars and heavy-duty vehicles. Four strategically located stations are slated for construction in Finland, with plans encompassing Tornio, Liminka, Jyväskylä, and the broader Helsinki region. Additionally, three refueling stations will be established in Denmark, strategically located in northern Jutland, Vejle, and Padborg, serving as integral components of this transnational initiative.

Per Øyvind Voie, Managing Director of Vireon, hailed this achievement as a monumental milestone for the company. Voie emphasized that several original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) have already committed to delivering hydrogen trucks starting from 2025, and Vireon stands ready and capable to develop the necessary refueling infrastructure to support the deployment of these trucks across Nordic roads. Voie expressed hope that this development would pique the interest of transportation companies across the Nordic region in embracing hydrogen mobility.

This funding serves as a testament to the confidence placed in Norwegian Hydrogen and Vireon's unwavering commitment to advancing green hydrogen infrastructure and technology. The project not only aims to slash carbon emissions but also aims to act as a catalyst for widespread adoption of hydrogen-powered vehicles across the region.

Supported by the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF), a critical EU funding mechanism, this project aligns seamlessly with the objectives outlined in the European Green Deal. The CEF is dedicated to bolstering sustainable and interconnected trans-European networks in transport, energy, and digital services. By addressing critical infrastructure needs, CEF investments are pivotal to Europe's decarbonization endeavors, with the overarching goal of achieving a sustainable future by 2030 and 2050.

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