ExxonMobil and Pregis LLC Join Forces for Certified-Circular Foam Packaging Solution
ExxonMobil and Pregis LLC Join Forces for Certified-Circular Foam Packaging Solution

ExxonMobil and Pregis LLC Join Forces for Certified-Circular Foam Packaging Solution

  • 22-Feb-2024 10:44 AM
  • Journalist: Francis Stokes

Pregis LLC, headquartered in Chicago and renowned for its innovative protective packaging solutions, has recently unveiled a groundbreaking foam packaging product. Developed in collaboration with ExxonMobil Corp, based in Irving, Texas, this new product is supported by certified-circular polyethylene (PE) resins, marking a significant stride towards sustainability in the packaging industry.

This initiative by Pregis stems from a pressing need to address consumer demand for circular plastic products while maintaining the high-performance standards expected of PE foam packaging. Recognizing the imperative for more environmentally conscious solutions, Pregis has embraced a holistic approach to circular design, leveraging ExxonMobil's expertise in advanced recycling technology to integrate certified-circular resins into their packaging applications.

The incorporation of certified-circular resins into protective foam applications represents a paradigm shift achieved through extensive collaboration across the packaging value chain. Pregis sees advanced recycling technologies and the utilization of certified-circular resins as pivotal tools in addressing the global plastic waste challenge. This endeavor underscores Pregis' unwavering commitment to advancing plastics circularity and sustainability.

ExxonMobil, fully aware of the increasing consumer preference for circular plastic solutions, especially in the domain of protective packaging, has played a pivotal role as a key partner in this collaborative endeavor. The company's ExxtendTM technology for advanced recycling, coupled with its collaboration with Pregis, reflects its dedication to meeting this demand by delivering circular products that uphold the highest standards of performance and safety.

ExxonMobil's advanced recycling facilities and processes have attained certification through the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) Plus system. Employing ISCC Plus's mass balance attribution methodology, the mass of plastic scrap processed through ExxonMobil's advanced recycling process, adjusted for manufacturing losses, is attributed to the mass of certified-circular plastic sold to Pregis.

Pregis, in turn, utilizes the certified-circular plastics procured from ExxonMobil in the production of foam at its facilities in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, and Visalia, California. Both of these facilities have obtained ISCC Plus certification, reaffirming Pregis' commitment to sustainability across its operations.

By sourcing certified-circular polymers, Pregis plays a vital role in stimulating demand for the utilization of plastic scrap as a valuable feedstock. This approach not only fosters a more sustainable supply chain but also contributes to the broader goal of mitigating plastic waste.

Pregis LLC's introduction of foam packaging supported by certified-circular polyethylene resins, in collaboration with ExxonMobil Corp, represents a significant advancement in sustainable packaging solutions. Through their joint efforts, these companies are paving the way for a more circular and environmentally responsible future in the packaging industry.

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