Far Eastern Polyethylene Pipe Plant LLC Initiates Construction of New Facility
Far Eastern Polyethylene Pipe Plant LLC Initiates Construction of New Facility

Far Eastern Polyethylene Pipe Plant LLC Initiates Construction of New Facility

  • 13-Feb-2024 6:49 PM
  • Journalist: Bob Duffler

Far Eastern Polyethylene Pipe Plant LLC, operating as a resident of the Khabarovsk ASEZ, has embarked on the construction of a novel facility situated in the village of Rakitnoye, Russia. In a strategic move to fuel this ambitious project, the company successfully secured a preferential loan amounting to 57.5 million rubles from the regional Industrial Development Fund of the Khabarovsk Territory towards the close of the previous year. As delineated in their official report, the allocated funds, coupled with an additional 28 million rubles in proprietary investments, will be earmarked for the establishment of a production base, as well as the procurement and installation of essential equipment.

The envisaged timeline for the initiation of production is slated for the third quarter of 2024. With full operational capabilities within the project framework, the plant anticipates an impressive annual output of 903.93 tons.

Dmitry Kogan, serving as the General Director of Far Eastern Polyethylene Pipe Plant LLC, shed light on the envisioned product range, elucidating, "We will be engaged in the production of polyethylene pipes spanning from 50 to 500 mm in diameter. These pipes will find primary applications in the housing and utilities sector, specifically tailored for water supply and gasification purposes. Given the prevailing high demand, our strategic plans extend to the distribution of products throughout the entire Far East region."

This undertaking represents the second of its kind in the region, underscoring the project's significance within the local industrial landscape.

Far Eastern Polyethylene Pipe Plant LLC is officially registered in the village of Ilyinka, Khabarovsk Territory, as per the records of the Unified State Register of Legal Entities. The company specializes in the production of plastic plates, strips, pipes, and profiles. Ownership of the company is divided, with Oleksiy Kovalenko holding 80.5% of the shares, while Dmitry Kogan owns the remaining 19.5%.

Previous reports illuminated the production landscape of plastics in Russia, revealing a noteworthy figure of 10.7 million tons in 2023, reflecting a 3.7% increase compared to the previous year. Despite this rebound, the production figures did not surpass the levels recorded in 2021, which stood at 11.1 million tons.

As the construction of the new plant progresses, Far Eastern Polyethylene Pipe Plant LLC is poised to make a substantial contribution to the regional economy. Simultaneously, it is set to meet the burgeoning demand for polyethylene pipes in the housing and utilities sector, thereby playing a pivotal role in fostering infrastructure development in the Far East.

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