Flames Ravage Carus Chemical Plant in Illinois, Sheltering Urged for Residents
Flames Ravage Carus Chemical Plant in Illinois, Sheltering Urged for Residents

Flames Ravage Carus Chemical Plant in Illinois, Sheltering Urged for Residents

  • 12-Jan-2023 12:00 PM
  • Journalist: Bob Duffler

Illinois (USA): On Wednesday morning, a chemical plant located in the northern Illinois city of LaSalle erupted into a destructive blaze after an explosion occurred. LaSalle Fire Chief Jerry Janick conducted a news conference to address the incident, stating that the fire was quickly contained but took significant resources from emergency responders to fully extinguish it. Residents were asked to take shelter in place as black clouds of smoke billowed into the air from the Carus Chemical Company complex. In order to carry out an investigation and put out any remaining flames, additional equipment had to be deployed by firefighters. This massive fire came as a shock to the small community with less than 10,000 inhabitants situated about 100 miles southwest of Chicago.

Pictures and videos posted on social media captured the aftermath of a devastating blaze that occurred in LaSalle, Illinois. Multiple structures within the Carus Chemical Company complex were destroyed as a result of the explosion and thick black smoke filled the air. In addition to putting out the fire, LaSalle Police Chief Mike Smudzinski praised their fire department for swiftly containing most of it in an hour's time. The police warned residents to avoid contact with any green-colored oxidizer that may have been released from the flames.

The Carus Chemical Company, a family-run business, reported that no casualties or injuries occurred as a result of the evacuation. Its website mentions that their main purpose is to produce an oxidant for water treatment and purification, phosphates for corrosion control, and carbon capture products for air purification. Despite containing most of the fire in less than an hour, LaSalle Fire Chief Jerry Janick ordered a shelter in place order for those living north and west of the scene in order to ensure everyone's safety.

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