Fluctuating Trends in the US and European Butyl Acrylate Prices Amid Changing Demand Dynamics
Fluctuating Trends in the US and European Butyl Acrylate Prices Amid Changing Demand Dynamics

Fluctuating Trends in the US and European Butyl Acrylate Prices Amid Changing Demand Dynamics

  • 19-Jun-2024 5:09 PM
  • Journalist: Jai Sen

Texas (USA): The Butyl Acrylate prices in the US and Europe are experiencing fluctuations influenced by downstream demand and inflation rates. In the US, the Butyl Acrylate market is currently on a downward trend, whereas the European market is maintaining stability due to balanced supply and demand dynamics. Hence, the prices of Butyl Acrylate in the US market can be seen on the declining trend while there is stability in prices in the domestic markets of Europe.

In the US, after a period of stability, the Butyl Acrylate market has begun to decline. For the week ending June 14th, the price decreased by 0.6%, settling at USD 1590 per metric ton (DEL-Texas). This decline can be attributed to low market activities, with sufficient inventory levels meeting demand from the downstream construction and coating sectors. Confidence remains high within the US construction industry despite a decrease in backlog figures. ABC noted a slight dip, particularly in infrastructure, following the Federal Reserve's decision to raise the federal funds rate above 5% over a year ago. Although high interest rates are expected to persist until year-end, contractors are optimistic about future sales and staffing increases over the next six months. Additionally, fluctuating production costs of Butyl Acrylate are influenced by varying trends in feedstock prices; while n-butanol prices rise, Acrylic Acid prices decline, contributing to production cost instability.

In contrast to the US market, European nations have maintained stability despite an upward trend in inflation. According to Eurostat, the inflation rate in the European Union rose from 2.6% to 2.7%. However, the production cost of Butyl Acrylate in Europe has decreased due to lower prices of its feedstocks, n-butanol, and Acrylic Acid. Current inventory levels in Europe are sufficient to meet demand from downstream construction and coating enterprises, ensuring supply-demand equilibrium. The pricing spread between n-butanol, Acrylic Acid, and Butyl Acrylate has remained consistent with the previous week, indicating continued market stability for this commodity.

ChemAnalyst anticipates an increase in the Butyl Acrylate market due to expected interest rate declines by the Federal Reserve, potentially boosting the downstream Construction and Coating sectors. Meanwhile, the peak demand season of Q3 for several key induustries including construction is till ahead and market participants expect improvement in demand and thus rise in prices. Similarly, the European Central Bank's lower deposit rates could enhance business confidence, increasing demand for Butyl Acrylate and potentially driving up the commodity prices in the coming months.

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