Fortum Initiates Hydrogen Pilot Plant Construction in Finland
Fortum Initiates Hydrogen Pilot Plant Construction in Finland

Fortum Initiates Hydrogen Pilot Plant Construction in Finland

  • 10-May-2024 3:54 PM
  • Journalist: Yage Kwon

Fortum plans to build a pilot plant for hydrogen production in Loviisa, Finland. Situated in the Källa area adjacent to Fortum’s Loviisa nuclear power plant, the facility will be situated on company-owned land. Construction of the Kalla test center will commence in summer 2024, with the plant slated for commissioning in late 2025.

Hydrogen production will involve electrolysers, utilizing electricity to separate water into hydrogen and oxygen. With a capacity of approximately two megawatts sourced from the main grid and local household water in Loviisa, the process will be facilitated. A hydrogen filling station will be constructed alongside the plant to cater to industrial customers' needs. Funding for the Kalla test center is fully provided through Fortum’s research and development funds, with the majority of the design work undertaken by in-house designers. Operating between 2025 and 2028, the Kalla test center is projected to be operational for about two years. The total research and development cost for the pilot project amounts to approximately EUR 17 million. As part of Fortum’s strategy, the company plans to gradually explore hydrogen through small-scale projects in the Nordics.

"Conducting hydrogen production tests at the Kalla test center on a megawatt scale will yield invaluable insights, not just regarding the design and operation of potential larger facilities, but also regarding the business prospects associated with green hydrogen and its derivatives. This pilot initiative marks the initial stride toward potential future ventures and investments. Alongside the test center, we are actively engaged in other hydrogen-related studies involving customers and partners across diverse industries," remarked Satu Sipola, Vice President of Power-to-X at Fortum.

Hydrogen generated with clean electricity has the potential to substitute fossil fuels and raw materials across various industries, including steel manufacturing and fertilizer production. Given its versatile chemical properties, hydrogen can serve multiple functions: as an energy carrier, a substitute for fossil carbon in steel and iron production, and a sustainable fuel source.

Fortum holds a robust stance in clean energy production and is dedicated to discovering solutions to assist industrial customers in decarbonizing their operations. The company is actively spearheading the advancement of clean hydrogen in the Nordic regions and is engaged in collaborative research efforts with companies in various sectors, including forestry, steel, chemicals, and transportation," Sipola remarks.

Fortum is a Nordic energy company with a mission to fuel a world where people, businesses, and nature flourish together. Renowned as one of Europe's cleanest energy producers, Fortum is driven by ambitious environmental goals that steer their actions.

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