Gas Leak at LG Chem Polymer Plant Worsens the Ongoing Stress over Nation’s Health

Gas Leak at LG Chem Polymer Plant Worsens the Ongoing Stress over Nation’s Health

  • 07-May-2020 2:00 PM
  • Journalist: Timothy Greene

An astonishing gas leak at LG Chem Polymer Plant in Vishakhapatnam has caused concerns over the lives of 5000 people living in nearby areas. LG Chem is a South Korean polymer company engaged in manufacturing Polystyrene Products utilizing Styrene as a raw material. Styrene gas being a deadly compound for humans has already ended the life of 9 people in this hazard. According to a local official in Andhra Pradesh, the hazard took place on the early hours of Thursday morning. The gas leaked from two tanks of 5000 tonnes that were left unchecked since March, after the lockdown put up to curb Coronavirus Pandemic. It is anticipated that due to prolong storage of the compound, a chemical reaction occurred causing the heat inside the tank to move out along with the gas. The gas was so strong that it left people on the street unconscious with sensations of burning and difficulty in breathing. 

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