German Rapeseed Imports Remain Stagnant, No Growth in Sight
German Rapeseed Imports Remain Stagnant, No Growth in Sight

German Rapeseed Imports Remain Stagnant, No Growth in Sight

  • 03-May-2023 4:12 PM
  • Journalist: Harold Finch

Germany: German imports of Rapeseed have experienced a noticeable shift in origin, with Australian Rapeseed increasing in volume while Canadian imports have slowed since January. Data released by the German Federal Statistical Office has confirmed that Germany acquired approximately 3.7 million tonnes of Rapeseed between July 2022 and February of this year.

Despite a notable increase in domestic harvest, the total amount of production for this period remained nearly the same as the previous year. Australia accounted for almost double the amount from the previous year, providing approximately 777,730 tonnes. However, deliveries from Canada experienced a less significant increase due to their late start in September. Importantly, their year-on-year figures still rose by 11% to around 47,000 tonnes. Nonetheless, the pace of imports recently decreased substantially.

Imports from Ukraine increased by 8% to reach 638,800 tonnes, even amidst the challenges and risks posed by the ongoing war. However, it is worth noting that this figure still falls below the long-term average of 730,500 tonnes.

Deliveries of Rapeseed from Poland saw a significant increase of around 23%, amounting to 307,700 tonnes. This can be attributed to a 14% increase in harvest and massive volumes of Ukrainian Rapeseed stored in Polish warehouses. From July 2022 to April 2023, Poland received approximately 1.42 million tonnes of Rapeseed from Ukraine, almost ten times more than the previous year's volume of 160,000 tonnes.

Romania, however, saw a decrease in deliveries at 232,600 tonnes, a drop of nearly 26% due to an 18% harvest decline. Meanwhile, France saw an increase in its share of German Rapeseed imports due to a 36% harvest increase. The country delivered approximately 601,000 tonnes, which is 33.33% more than the volume in the previous year.

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