Global Ethoxylated Tridecyl Alcohol Prices Go Bearish in June 2022
Global Ethoxylated Tridecyl Alcohol Prices Go Bearish in June 2022

Global Ethoxylated Tridecyl Alcohol Prices Go Bearish in June 2022

  • 28-Jun-2022 8:30 AM
  • Journalist: Patrick Knight

Houston, USA: The Ethoxylated Tridecyl Alcohol pricing in the international market has reverse its course and continued in a downward price trajectory towards the end of June. With weakening demand fundamentals from various downstream industries, the market dynamics of Ethoxylated Tridecyl Alcohol have been sliding for the last two and half weeks. The traders were in a wait-and-see mood as they were unprepared for a sharp price correction this week in the overseas market.

Fatty Alcohol and Ethylene Oxide feedstock have been showcasing declining price trends over the past few weeks due to weak upstream Palm and Crude oil values in the global market. Overall sentiments in the global Ethylene market remain bearish this month, with the demand curbed by low operating rates and weak production margins in most regions. The cost-side support from the upstream Crude oil has further weakened. As constrained supply was overshadowed by concerns that increasing interest rates could send the global economy into recession, oil prices fell on Friday. They were on course to drop again this week

Meanwhile, the upstream Malaysian palm oil futures fell more than 3% on Friday, a most significant weekly decline since mid-March, as an expected increase in production burdens the Palm oil market. The palm value has lost 15.6 percent so far this week, and a third consecutive weekly loss is expected. Sathia Varqa, a co-founder of Singapore-based Palm Oil Analytics, stated in an interview that losses in Palm oil and robust production from the Malaysian Palm Oil Association caused a sell-off in the futures.

According to a Thursday assessment by the Malaysian Palm Oil Association, production in June likely increased by 15.9 per cent from the previous month. However, as per the market sources, the margins of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies are anticipated to continue under pressure, at least in the upcoming third quarter, even if raw material costs start to decline from their peaks.

As per ChemAnalyst, “The pricing dynamics of Ethoxylated Tridecyl Alcohol might remain down in the forthcoming weeks across all the countries. Also, the global market is likely to witness a weaker demand from the downstream detergent, plastic, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industries due to the lower consumption. In addition, the plummeting feedstock Fatty Alcohol and Ethylene Oxide prices could also influence the global Ethoxylated Tridecyl Alcohol market in the near term.

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