GPPC Halts Styrene Production in Taiwan for Scheduled Maintenance
GPPC Halts Styrene Production in Taiwan for Scheduled Maintenance

GPPC Halts Styrene Production in Taiwan for Scheduled Maintenance

  • 21-Feb-2024 4:36 PM
  • Journalist: Shiba Teramoto

Grand Pacific Petrochemical Corp (GPPC), a significant player in Taiwan's petrochemical industry, commenced scheduled maintenance on its No. 3 styrene monomer production facility in Ta She, Kaohsiung Province, Taiwan, on February 19. This maintenance initiative, focused on a production line with an annual capacity of 250 thousand tons of styrene, is expected to continue until mid-March of the current year.

This strategic decision aligns with GPPC's commitment to ensuring the optimal performance and longevity of its production infrastructure. The No. 3 styrene monomer line, a crucial component of GPPC's operations, undergoes periodic maintenance to address wear and tear, enhance efficiency, and uphold industry standards. The planned hiatus in production during this maintenance period allows for thorough inspections, repairs, and necessary upgrades to the facility.

Earlier reports indicate that GPPC undertook a similar maintenance endeavor on line No. 1 for styrene monomer production in Ta She, starting in early February 2022 and concluding in early March of the same year. This line, boasting a capacity of 250 thousand tons of styrene annually, underwent meticulous maintenance procedures as part of GPPC's proactive approach to facility management.

GPPC's commitment to the well-being of its production infrastructure extends to Styrene Line 2 at the same Ta She site. With an annual capacity of 130 thousand tons of styrene, this line underwent scheduled maintenance from February 27 to April 1, 2021. The temporary closure during this period allowed for comprehensive maintenance activities aimed at ensuring the continued reliability and efficiency of Styrene Line 2.

The petrochemical landscape in Taiwan sees significant contributions from various industry players. Noteworthy among them are Formosa Chemicals & Fibre Corp and Taiwan Styrene Monomer Corp, which are key producers of styrene in the region. The production and maintenance activities of these companies play a crucial role in sustaining the supply chain for styrene, a primary raw material for the production of polystyrene (PS).

In Taiwan, GPPC operates two plants dedicated to the production of styrene, with capacities of 130 thousand tons per year and 250 thousand tons per year, respectively. Additionally, the company engages in the production of substations with a capacity of 60 thousand tons per year. These facilities collectively contribute to GPPC's role as a major petrochemical supplier in the region.

As the maintenance activities on styrene monomer production facility unfold, GPPC remains steadfast in its commitment to safety, efficiency, and quality. The periodic maintenance not only ensures the continued reliability of the production lines but also aligns with industry best practices for sustainable and responsible operations. The completion of these maintenance initiatives will position GPPC for continued success in meeting the demands of the dynamic petrochemical market in Taiwan and beyond.

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