Green Ammonia Firm Launched in Norway
Green Ammonia Firm Launched in Norway

Green Ammonia Firm Launched in Norway

  • 17-Aug-2021 12:29 PM
  • Journalist: Jaideep kumar

In a recent announcement made by Yara, it was revealed that the company had taken an initiative to decarbonize Ammonia production at its site in Heroya, Norway. For this Yara has partnered with engineering firm Aker Clean Hydrogen and hydropower company Statkraft to form a joint venture HEGRA (Heroya Green Ammonia) with the aim of nurturing a new industry in Norway and capturing the competitive advantage in the global hydrogen economy. 

Yara, Aker, and Statekraft will each have a one third share in HEGRA. The project is expected to come online in the next five to seven years. The project is in line with the European Union’s target of 55% reduction in emissions till 2030. 

HEGRA has estimates of reduction of Carbon Dioxide emissions by 800,000 tonnes per year which is equivalent to 300,000 fossil fuel cars. 

Green Ammonia is the Ammonia which is produced without generating Carbon Dioxide emissions. Renewable energy is used to produce Green Ammonia. HEGRA has said that its Ammonia production process will provide carbon free fertilizer and a zero-emission fuel. 

The Norwegian maritime industry is looking forward to reducing the emissions by half till 2030 which is in line with the EU’s commitment regarding emissions reduction. The upcoming project will help Norway in achieving this goal.

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