Green Hydrogen Prices Spike in US Market, Long-Term Trend in Focus
Green Hydrogen Prices Spike in US Market, Long-Term Trend in Focus

Green Hydrogen Prices Spike in US Market, Long-Term Trend in Focus

  • 18-Apr-2024 3:47 PM
  • Journalist: Gabreilla Figueroa

California (USA): Green Hydrogen prices have experienced a sudden market spike in the first half of April in the US market. This development stems from the current insufficient Green Hydrogen inventories, which are unable to cater to downstream industry needs, leading to a temporary price surge. Long-term projections anticipate moderate price increases. This trend aligns with the US Department of Energy's recent USD 750 million investment in Green Hydrogen projects, reflecting its strategic importance in decarbonization efforts.

H2B2 Electrolysis Technologies, a global leader in Green Hydrogen, has launched SoHyCal, North America's renewable-powered Green Hydrogen plant. Currently producing one ton daily with biogas, SoHyCal aims to ramp up production to three tons with solar integration by Q2 2025. This CEC-funded project fuels stations in California's major metropolitan areas, advancing clean mobility. Partially funded by a grant from the California Energy Commission's Clean Transportation Program, SoHyCal is dedicated to supplying hydrogen to refuelling stations in the San Joaquin Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area. Despite short-term challenges stemming from a sudden price spike in the Green Hydrogen market, the long-term outlook remains positive, driven by both market dynamics and strategic investments in Green Hydrogen energy technologies. However, the high capital expenditure (Capex) associated with SoHyCal has contributed to an increase in inventory costs in the US market.

In March 2024, the US Manufacturing PMI experienced a downward revision compared to February. Nevertheless, despite this adjustment, indications of improvement in the overall economic landscape and market demand have driven a sustained expansion in US manufacturing output, reaching its highest level in almost a year. Job creation has accelerated, albeit with moderated growth in new orders. Companies have predominantly chosen to decrease inventories, utilizing their sufficient reserves to bolster cash flow.

Green Hydrogen production remains uninterrupted, fuelled by sustained demand from certain downstream sectors, particularly aerospace and clean energy. However, broader demand across Green Hydrogen downstream industries like fuel shows signs of contraction, as evidenced by the 10% sales decline reported by Air Products in the Americas. Despite this, the company's operational efficiency is evident in its rising adjusted EBITDA and margins, primarily driven by higher volumes and pricing, partially offset by cost increases. This highlights the potential for cost optimization strategies to mitigate future price fluctuations.

According to the ChemAnalyst database, "The US Green Hydrogen market presents a cautiously optimistic outlook. While current market dynamics suggest lower short-term Green Hydrogen demand, long-term growth prospects remain promising, supported by government initiatives and ongoing advancements in cost-efficiency in Green Hydrogen production segments."

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