How Butyl Acrylate price spiralling globally but declined in India
How Butyl Acrylate price spiralling globally but declined in India

How Butyl Acrylate price spiralling globally but declined in India

  • 10-May-2022 3:32 PM
  • Journalist: Henry Locke

Houston, USA: Global Acrylate market has been going through a long uneven road, making all the market participants anxious and uncertain about the price future for different Acrylates. ChemAnalyst has recently analyzed the Butyl Acrylate market in different countries, showing some vital market insights that every market participant should know about.

As per the ChemAnalyst data, despite being hurt by the ongoing pandemic in the country, the Chinese market has observed a marginal hike of around 0.5% during the past couple of weeks. A trader based in China revealed to ChemAnalyst that the market is highly volatile, where despite the fact that offtakes have been reduced from the domestic buyers, manufacturers were compelled to keep their prices stable.

On the other side, Indian players have seen an opposite trend during the past few weeks, owing to ample stock availability amidst wavering buying activities in the country. ChemAnalyst has registered a decline of around 2.4% in Butyl Acrylate prices within a week, bolstered by depressed buying sentiments in the country.

“The US market has also been bearing the burden of high raw material cost owing to huge and acute cost pressure of natural gas,” revealed to ChemAnalyst by a domestic trader based in Houston, USA, when asked about the overall acrylate market. ChemAnalyst data shows an increment of around USD 20/MT during the first week of May 2022.

The global market has been witnessing different market sentiments since the Russo-Ukrainian war situation escalated, where the crude oil value started bothering key players, and later natural gas became a matter of concern for key participants. ChemAnalyst has been analyzing every minor to a major change in the global acrylate market in order to provide a better market overview to our clients.

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