ICM and Western New York Energy Partner to Deploy FOT Oil Recovery™ Technology
ICM and Western New York Energy Partner to Deploy FOT Oil Recovery™ Technology

ICM and Western New York Energy Partner to Deploy FOT Oil Recovery™ Technology

  • 22-May-2024 11:46 AM
  • Journalist: Patricia Jose Perez

ICM, Inc. is excited to reveal a strategic partnership with Western New York Energy, LLC (WNYE) to introduce ICM’s innovative FOT Oil Recovery™ system.

According to the agreement, ICM will handle the engineering, equipment procurement, and installation of its proprietary FOT Oil Recovery™ system at Western New York Energy's advanced facility in Medina, New York. This deal represents the sixth commercial deployment of ICM’s proprietary oil recovery technology.

The FOT Oil Recovery™ system, a two-step separation process implemented post-distillation, substantially enhances downstream oil recovery by optimizing solids-liquid separation in the whole stillage. Additionally, this system dewaters the whole stillage cake before it reaches the dryer, thereby reducing the plant’s natural gas consumption.

“WNYE was among the first to adopt ICM’s Base Tricanter System™ and Selective Milling Technology™,” said Tim Winters, CEO of WNYE. “WNYE is excited to collaborate once again with ICM to incorporate this efficient process technology. We expect it will significantly enhance oil recovery, reduce energy consumption, and improve overall operations, ultimately aiming for a lower production CI score.”

Tom Ranallo, vice president of operations at ICM, highlighted the distinctive advantages of FOT Oil Recovery™: “FOT Oil Recovery™ uniquely boosts oil recovery while reducing natural gas consumption. This dual benefit enhances our customers’ profitability and helps lower their carbon footprint. We are excited to partner with WNYE to bring these benefits to their operations.”

ICM’s tailored strategy for assisting customers like WNYE in boosting their oil recovery includes identifying various opportunities throughout the entire facility. This collaborative method goes beyond the FOT Oil Recovery™ system, allowing ICM to provide stronger performance guarantees for enhanced oil recovery.

The on-site installation of the FOT Oil Recovery™ system is scheduled to begin this fall, with the system expected to be operational by Spring 2025.

Founded in 1995 and based in Colwich, Kansas, with a regional office in Brazil, ICM delivers innovative technologies, solutions, and services to support agriculture and advance renewable energy. Their offerings include ethanol and feed technologies aimed at boosting global protein supplies. ICM has provided proprietary process technologies to over 100 facilities worldwide, contributing to an annual production of around 8.8 billion gallons of ethanol and 25 million tons of distillers grains, establishing itself as a global leader in biorefining technologies.

Western New York Energy, LLC, a locally owned company established in 2004, aims to maximize the potential of Western New York’s renewable energy resources. Our $90 million facility began production right after construction was completed in November 2007. Being the inaugural biofuel plant in the Northeastern United States and the sole large-scale facility in New York, WNYE manufactures more than 60 million gallons of ethanol each year.

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