Is China to Blame for the Sudden Decline in the U.S. Vitamin D Prices?
Is China to Blame for the Sudden Decline in the U.S. Vitamin D Prices?

Is China to Blame for the Sudden Decline in the U.S. Vitamin D Prices?

  • 12-Jan-2023 4:18 PM
  • Journalist: Motoki Sasaki

The prices of Vitamin D are continuously falling in the U.S. domestic market, as per ChemAnalyst data sources, due to low demand and sizable orders from the global market, specifically, China, which is one of the country's main suppliers of several Vitamins, including Vitamin D. Once again, the U.S. faces the possibility of running out of pharmaceutical APIs and nutraceutical items as COVID-19 one more time put the People's Republic of China in peril and battles to keep factories operating and commodities leaving its ports.

The U.S. economy is projected to be in a state of uncertainty in the year 2023 after being mired in turbulence for a considerable amount of time, and the logistics tendencies may manifest themselves in unexpected ways. Plan for several outcomes, specify the course of action, in this case, i.e., the trade of Vitamin D in the U.S. to cater to the overall demand is the goal, and be flexible for a more fluid environment in 2023. Major market players claim that prices in the most variable part of ocean transportation are plummeting but that top merchants will not see relief in prices until the spring contract renegotiation season as they desire stable pricing. According to analysts, there is a risk that Vitamin D consumers will have to endure fluctuating prices for a little while longer.

After the first wave of Covid infections in 2020 exposed the significant role China plays in manufacturing such essential items as key drugs and other nutraceutical supplements, including Vitamin D, U.S. hospitals, healthcare providers, and federal officials worked and are still working to reduce their dependence on China for medical suppliers.

An administration official stated, "We are watching closely for any potential early warning indicators in the nutraceuticals supply chain for any kinds of problems." There has not been any kind of problems in the supply of pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals in the U.S., at least not ones that are likely to happen; nonetheless, considering the situation in China, only a considerable number of orders for Vitamin D are being placed. On the demand side, the end-user industries happen to have sufficient Vitamin D stock on their shelves, which is another reason supporting a low international demand for Vitamin D in the U.S. 

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