ITOCHU and Peninsula Collaborate on Advancing Ammonia Bunkering in Spain
ITOCHU and Peninsula Collaborate on Advancing Ammonia Bunkering in Spain

ITOCHU and Peninsula Collaborate on Advancing Ammonia Bunkering in Spain

  • 26-Sep-2023 7:44 PM
  • Journalist: Timothy Greene

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) recently inked between ITOCHU and Peninsula stands as a comprehensive and forward-looking plan aimed at shaping the future of maritime transport. This strategic collaboration is underpinned by the shared vision of establishing a robust global ammonia supply network while simultaneously propelling the development of cutting-edge ammonia-powered vessels. At its core, this initiative seeks to catalyze the transition toward cleaner and more sustainable shipping practices, with a particular emphasis on ammonia as an alternative fuel.

The primary objectives outlined in this groundbreaking initiative are multi-faceted and ambitious in scope. One of the central goals is to facilitate the establishment of a state-of-the-art ammonia bunkering facility in the bustling port city of Algeciras, Spain. This facility is set to serve as a vital cornerstone for the larger ammonia supply network, ensuring efficient and seamless refueling operations for vessels opting for ammonia as their primary fuel source.

Beyond the confines of Algeciras, the collaboration envisions the creation of similar bunkering hubs across an array of strategically chosen locations. These include various European ports, the maritime crossroads of Panama, the dynamic Middle East, and technologically advanced Japan, among others. The ultimate aim is to expand the accessibility and availability of ammonia fuel on a global scale, effectively laying the groundwork for a new era of sustainable maritime transportation.

Peninsula, a key partner in this transformative endeavor, will play a pivotal role in the establishment and development of the Algeciras bunkering center. The company's involvement is poised to ensure the successful implementation of this critical component of the initiative. Peninsula's commitment to fostering sustainable practices and facilitating the transition to ammonia as an alternative marine fuel aligns seamlessly with the overarching objectives of the collaboration.

One of the hallmarks of this strategic partnership is the collaboration between ITOCHU and shipping companies. Together, they will embark on a mission to reduce carbon emissions associated with international logistics. By leveraging ammonia as a clean and efficient fuel, these entities aim to usher in a new era of responsible shipping practices that minimize the environmental footprint of global trade.

Ammonia, heralded as one of the most promising alternative fuels within the maritime sector, has garnered substantial attention for its potential to drive carbon-free shipping. Dr. John Kokarakis, Vice President of Technology & Business Development at Bureau Veritas, a renowned authority in the field, has been an ardent advocate of ammonia as a viable solution. His notable address at the 2020 SAFETY4SEA Limassol Forum highlighted the numerous advantages of ammonia while also acknowledging the hurdles that must be overcome for its widespread adoption.

Dr. Kokarakis emphasized the importance of technological advancements and regulatory measures in addressing the challenges associated with ammonia as a marine fuel. His insights serve as a valuable reference for understanding the transformative potential of ammonia within the maritime industry.

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