Kohler Energy Embraces Hydrogen Solutions to Augment its Clean Energy Vision
Kohler Energy Embraces Hydrogen Solutions to Augment its Clean Energy Vision

Kohler Energy Embraces Hydrogen Solutions to Augment its Clean Energy Vision

  • 15-Nov-2023 4:23 PM
  • Journalist: Robert Hume

Kohler Energy has made a groundbreaking announcement today, introducing a new hydrogen KDI engine and unveiling its inaugural hydrogen fuel cell power system. This strategic move marks a significant expansion of Kohler Energy's growing portfolio of clean energy solutions, reinforcing its commitment to providing a comprehensive range of environmentally friendly options.

This development comes on the heels of Kohler Co.'s recent decision to establish Kohler Energy as an independent entity, underscoring the company's determination to be at the forefront of clean energy innovation. The initiative is a pivotal step forward in realizing Kohler Energy's vision of delivering a diverse array of clean energy and hydrogen-ready solutions. These solutions are specifically designed for off-highway equipment and serve standby and prime power applications, catering to both residential and industrial needs within the power range of 20 kW to 5 MW and beyond.

In alignment with the broader industry shift towards cleaner alternatives, Kohler Energy is not only investing in hydrogen solutions but is also committed to advancing engine technologies that prioritize energy efficiency and significantly mitigate environmental impact. This forward-thinking approach is tailored to meet the varied requirements of machinery across different sectors. Remarkably, it promises to deliver performance and power density on par with conventional diesel engines, all while utilizing a carbon-neutral solution.

Beyond hydrogen, Kohler Energy is dedicated to exploring other sustainable fuel options such as HVO (Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil) and e-fuels. This comprehensive approach underscores Kohler Energy's determination to provide tailored solutions that meet the unique demands of diverse industries while aligning with a sustainable, low-carbon future.

Furthermore, Kohler Energy's industrial business arm is set to introduce its inaugural hydrogen fuel cell power system. This 100 kW Solid Polymer Electrolyte Membrane fuel cell, utilizing green hydrogen, will cater to emergency backup, peak shaving, and demand response applications. Designed to meet the needs of mission-critical power users, including hospitals, data centers, utilities, ports, and water treatment plants, this fuel cell system reflects Kohler Energy's commitment to addressing the evolving energy needs of crucial sectors.

The hydrogen engine is poised to make its debut at the Agritechnica trade show in Hanover, Germany, on November 13. Concurrently, in-field case studies featuring the hydrogen fuel cell will commence in early 2024, with additional details expected to be released in the coming weeks. This proactive approach to showcasing and testing these technologies demonstrates Kohler Energy's commitment to transparency and collaborative exploration in the pursuit of clean energy solutions.

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