Major Maintenance Shutdown Underway at Neste's Porvoo Refinery
Major Maintenance Shutdown Underway at Neste's Porvoo Refinery

Major Maintenance Shutdown Underway at Neste's Porvoo Refinery

  • 03-Apr-2024 12:29 PM
  • Journalist: Sasha Fernandes

Neste ensures the safety and continuity of operations at its refineries through meticulously planned and regularly scheduled maintenance shutdowns, commonly known as major turnarounds. At the Porvoo refinery in Finland, preparations for the upcoming major turnaround, slated for April to June, commenced on April 1st with the gradual shutdown of process units. Following the completion of the refinery shutdown, the actual turnaround activities are set to commence in mid-April and are anticipated to extend until mid-May. The projected timeline for the turnaround spans approximately nine weeks.

Throughout the major turnaround period, the entire Porvoo refinery will be temporarily closed to facilitate statutory inspections, maintenance tasks, and initiatives aimed at enhancing asset performance. Furthermore, this turnaround aligns with Neste's overarching ambition to transform the Porvoo refinery into the most sustainable facility in Europe by 2030 and achieve carbon-neutral production by 2035. Importantly, the major turnaround will not impact Neste's harbor and distribution terminal operations.

The execution of the major turnaround necessitates a temporary increase in the number of personnel within the refinery premises. Sami Wasström, Head of Turnarounds within Neste's Oil Products business, underscores the significant involvement of audited contractor companies, with over a hundred participating alongside approximately 4,500 individuals, including roughly a thousand Neste employees. Wasström emphasizes the paramount importance of prioritizing the health, safety, and well-being of all personnel and partners involved, striving to ensure that each day of the turnaround remains incident-free.

Thorough planning has enabled Neste to reduce the duration of the 2024 major turnaround at the Porvoo refinery in comparison to previous instances. Nonetheless, the process of shutting down and subsequently restarting process units may lead to temporary increases in flaring, noise levels, and odors in the surrounding areas. Additionally, the heightened activity associated with the major shutdown may result in increased traffic volumes in the vicinity.

"We meticulously plan major turnarounds to minimize disruptions to the lives of local residents and businesses, striving to keep any adverse effects short-term," emphasizes Sami Wasström. This commitment underscores Neste's dedication to conducting its operations with utmost consideration for the surrounding community and environment, ensuring that the impacts of major turnarounds are carefully managed and mitigated to the greatest extent possible.

Neste (NESTE, Nasdaq Helsinki) is dedicated to crafting solutions to address climate change and propel the transition toward a circular economy. The company focuses on refining waste, residues, and cutting-edge raw materials to produce renewable fuels and sustainable feedstock used in the manufacturing of plastics and a range of other materials.

As a global leader in sustainable aviation fuel and renewable diesel production, as well as a pioneer in the development of renewable and circular feedstock solutions for polymers and chemicals, Neste plays a crucial role in assisting its customers in reducing their greenhouse gas emissions. By 2030, Neste aims to help its customers cut emissions by at least 20 million tons annually.

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