Metacon and Siemens Team Up to Manufacture Systems for Green Hydrogen Production
Metacon and Siemens Team Up to Manufacture Systems for Green Hydrogen Production

Metacon and Siemens Team Up to Manufacture Systems for Green Hydrogen Production

  • 13-May-2024 5:43 PM
  • Journalist: Harold Finch

Earlier this year, Metacon disclosed that it had secured exclusive manufacturing rights for complete electrolysis plants utilizing PERIC's advanced technology in pressurized alkaline electrolysis modules (stacks). Central to PERIC's alkaline technology are its efficient 5 MW modules, backed by a decade of operational data. Metacon also gains access to PERIC's recently launched 10 MW module, among the largest in the world in terms of power and production. These rights cover most European countries, empowering Metacon to leverage proven technology refined over 60 years and tailor it to European safety and automation standards for hydrogen production. With these exclusive rights, Metacon aims to establish itself as a leading provider of large-scale hydrogen plants in Europe.

Under the joint MoU, Siemens will serve as a technology collaborator for Metacon, leveraging its extensive expertise in providing products, solutions, and services across automation, power distribution, electrification, instrumentation, building technology, and drives. Additionally, Siemens will offer its broad array of digital services and software for optimization, standardization, and simulation, facilitating enhancements in both the manufacturing and operational stages of hydrogen plants.

Mikael Kraft, Head of Factory Automation and Sales at Siemens Digital Industries, emphasizes, "Hydrogen plays a crucial role in achieving carbon neutrality across industrial, energy, and transportation sectors. It stands at the forefront of Siemens' worldwide investments in Power-to-X. Our collaboration with Metacon signifies a significant milestone in our commitment to fostering a more sustainable world, particularly through the development of innovative energy sector solutions."

Christer Wikner, CEO and President of Metacon, expresses, "Metacon holds ambitious aspirations for investing in the production and distribution of large-scale electrolysis plants, catering to sectors such as basic industry, wind power, and transportation in Europe. When envisioning such a journey, it's challenging to envision a more fitting partner than Siemens. With its unparalleled portfolio of technology, expertise, and extensive track record in similar endeavors, this collaboration offers us the chance to expedite and fine-tune essential aspects of our groundbreaking Gigafactory project."

Metacon AB (publ) specializes in the development and production of energy systems aimed at generating fossil-free "green" hydrogen. Within the Reforming business sector, the company utilizes patented technology to produce hydrogen via catalytic steam reforming of biogas or other hydrocarbons. The development of Metacon's reforming products takes place at its wholly owned subsidiary, Metacon S.A., located in Patras, Greece. The subsidiary is dedicated to catalytic process chemistry and the advancement of reformers for high-efficiency hydrogen production. Metacon also provides comprehensive electrolysis plants and integrated refueling stations for green hydrogen, catering to a rapidly expanding global market in green hydrogen production.

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